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  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    In the world of foot mistresses there is one name that stands head and shoulder above her contemporary is My Goddess Anita.
    I have been to several mistresses in India and Several countries but after one session with this divine Goddess I have stopped going to anyone else.
    it is very difficult to express what happens during the session. It is something that you have to experience yourself.
    You go in a different world. Her persona is so majestic and her feet hypnotic, divine, angelic, holy , heavenly, celestial , consecrated , sanctified. Her feet are so soft and tender I at times feared if my parched lips would hurt them.
    There is absolute heaven beneath those marvelous soles. You want to surrender your soul.
    The best part is she is so professional she takes extreme care of your fetishes, she takes great pains to know your likes.she gives a list of fantasies to choose from, just amazing, never seen anywhere else. her voice is so commanding you instantly start obeying her instructions, just like a school student.
    If you are in to feet your life is not complete without a session with this supreme goddess. I would suggest even the guys who are not in to feet should also pay one visit.
    my personal opinion is if you have any health problem ask her to keep her foot on that part of the body for 5-10 minutes. I was cured of my slipped disc. This is my personal experience.
    Don't wait. Just go ahead. it is worth many times over.
    Thanks Goddess for the most wonderful time. M planning again to come to Dubai for 6th session. Everytime it is nmore exciting than the previous one.

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