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    16 Sep 2018

    Hey L,
    How's you? Been a long time since we last met.
    Will be in town within next few weeks and just wanted to hear if you and your friend are there too.
    All the best

    Hey Franco, fantastic to hear from you again! Hope your keeping well and out of trouble ?
    Yes we are both here and no plans for travel for the next while
    Just whatsapp me on 0503093439 and we can arrange something ???

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    11 Oct 2017

    Hi L
    how about some fun time with your friend JuJu?
    I'll be in town second half of Oct.
    Are you around?

    So sorry darling, im a bit late replying to you
    If you are still around we would love to meet up with you again
    Just whatsdapp me on 00971 508529257

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    19 Nov 2020

    Hey gorgeous Juju,
    please tell me you are around mid December.
    It appears that I will be in Dubai for some 5 days tentatively between 12th and 17th Dec. And would so much love to see you again for fun time.
    Please let me know.

    Ding dong merrily on high ... my December has just got better .... 🤪❤️ 🎄. Well my darling in answer to that as you can see by my premature festive cheer .... I will be here for sure honey ... I’ve even got my ‘tismas tree up waiting for you to see and share the twinkles and sparkles ! Crazy is as crazy does !!!!! I think I should read that as tentatively 15 days ....... take it to staying until the after 25th 🤷🏼‍♀️😶🤪 if only !!! Keep in touch my darling once all firm (😜😉) and I’ll be here for you, us, über fun and pleasure. Biggest friday smile and lots of love and kisses over to you from the sunny shores and soft cloud xxx ❤️

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    29 Sep 2020

    Hey Juju,
    just got the news: I will be coming into Dubai on 11th October...:))
    Just let me know if you're there.
    Can't wait
    Your Franco boy

    Oh my word ... how excited am I that you’re finally getting back ?!?! Rhetorical question ... that will be too much excited. I am indeed here honey ... been waiting patiently for what seems like forever for those words ... I daren't tempt too much fate though with stating what a massive smile on my face you have just created 🙃😉
    “Stocks” seriously depleted though darling although have your special ‘bwandy’ (!) put away for your return ... it’s probably as thick as soup by now 🤪 keep me updated for when you’re on that plane darling and consider 11th onwards blocked ! Can’t blooming wait as well darling ... I shall be counting the days away for latch 😉 xx safe travels over darling and stay safe over the next few days so as not to have a Change of plans !! Xxxx j xxxxx

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    16 Aug 2020

    Oh Juju baby, hope you are surviving in hot and dry Dubai. Finally I am planning a trip for mid September. Hope you will be there since I miss being with you in your comfy place with your spirit and your fun around us. Kissing you all over

    Hello my gorgeous darling ... ohhh what a smile that has put on my face for mid September 🙏🏻 I shall keep fingers and toes crossed for a safe journey over that is not blighted by another pandemic !! 🤐Keeping all ok here ... and yes it’s hotter than one can imagine but dry ... not so sure about THAT ... the humidity over the last couple of weeks has been (and still is) horrendous! No better excuse than to stay indoors and snuggle into the cool cloud at my place !!! 😉 so cannot wait to have you back ... and we shall have to celebrate belated birthdays and an early Xmas all at once ... just missing some bubbles in the % fridge. Lots of love and roll on August disappearing and mid September falling upon us. Xxxxxx 😘😘😘😘