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  • Verified photosFun With Kanika - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I again meet this new found sweetheart 💕 of mine.
    Must admit she is special due to one personal thing nd that is we both share an amazing chemistry.
    Absolute fire 🔥 😍.
    I had asked her company for 3 hours but it got extended by 2more hours as this baby is absolute firecracker in sex nd she also sucked out more from me.

    Pussy is super clean, no smelly, delicate as rose , nice prominent juicy clit.
    I am a fan of sucking nectar from the bud to blossoming it in complete.
    She was also open for the vibrators I was carrying nd boy this hottie does squirt like in the porn movies.
    She gets super wet down which is turn on.
    Our chemistry got so heightened that we had a lengthy 69 session nd since by now we both got to know each other well this time we both drank each other's liquids with great relish.
    Again she Super clean 👌

    Total trustworthy. No tantrums.
    She is also open to hard sex nd accommodated to my large size.
    Talks a lot but that's okay.
    We finished our session by a steamy bath together ❤.
    Baby. Next time we are planning full night nd I will make sure we get a bath tub.
    Guys ! Treat her with respect nd she will do everything to satisfy you.

    Thank u ❤️

  • Verified photos🦋Tanya arora independent🦋 - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met this gorgeous soul at Lalit today.
    Was getting bored. Saw her reviews .,felt her to be genuine.
    Nowadays republic is full of fake escorts nd fake profiles.
    Called her nd she agreed to be in an hour at my hotel.
    Greeted her at the lobby nd yes she looks better than the pics shared by her.
    Too cute nd pretty. Very Hygienic which made me comfortable for oral.
    I booked her for 2 hrs nd our session got extended to 3-1/2 hrs followed by an early dinner.
    She is responsive, smart nd cooperative.
    For guys who prefer simple next door no nakras girl she is the perfect 👌 fit.

    Will surely meet her next time .

  • Verified photosAnjali:Cam,RealMeet,Mistress,Outstation - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met this beautiful soul once again.
    Had once again a beautiful memory in this busy city.
    This time she surprised me with some sexy moves in a new lingerie.
    She seems to have gained experience which she she displayed by giving me the most wet sloppy deep-throated blowjob for a good 20 mins.
    Sex was amazing nd I made her squirt this time to which she cooperated.
    See u soon 💓 😘

  • Verified photosAnjali:Cam,RealMeet,Mistress,Outstation - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    She is a good , decent company.
    Met her short time.
    Prompt - 5/5
    Clean- 5/5
    Assets - 4/5
    Sex drive - 6/5
    Blowjob - 5/5

    Thank you aapane review Dala aap se milkar mujhe achcha Laga thank you very much

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