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  • Verified photosZiya - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This review has been long overdue. Met this beauty back in March at a hotel near airport just a day before my flight. Had been planning to meet her for weeks but it never materialized. Luckily on the last day of my stay we decided to meet and what a departing gift it was. She was late by an hour but when she arrived she was in no rush. I have to mention this, she looked ravishing even in her casuals. Few snacks and drinks later she took a shower and made sure she was all clean and hygienic before getting into bed. And once she was in, she was just fire! Very passionate and genuinely loves to have a good time. We ended up pleasuring each other from bed to shower to bath tub. She even flirted the idea of spending the night together, which unfortunately we didn't. But I got way more than I had expected or even hoped for. She is a gem of a girl, good personality, very beautiful and has a great curvy figure. Thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we spent together.

    Thank you Sweetheart for such a wonderful review. Its infact a review worth treasuring as that you took time from your busy schedule to write one. After reading your lovely review i can still visualise our wonderful moments that we had together 😍.
    Thank you for being a great host dear and making me feel loved as well ❤️️.

  • Verified photosShreya independent - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met this stunning girl back in March 21 near Andheri. She dresses to impress, is well spoken and has the most perfect body I have ever seen. ( Not kidding, she literally has a 10/10 body) I couldn't have imagined how things will turn out when we first started to talk. A few drinks, smokes and some intimate dancing later, I discovered the wilder side of this gorgeous woman. I thought I had a very high sexual appetite but it's nothing in compare to her sexual drive. She squeezed every ounce of carnal desire I had and left me exhausted out of my mind. Lost the count of how many times we pleasured each other. She is an insatiable goddess with endless passion and can ride you like no one can. If she likes you and if you could get her aroused, I assure you, you will have the time of your life.
    I hope you remember me dear as this was long time back. Tried to send this review a few times now, hopefully this passes. I am visiting Mumbai soon. Will message you when I am in town 😄

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