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  • Verified photosMakiyo-Threesome & A-Level - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met up with Makiyo on a recent visit to Dubai. I’ve never done a threesome, so I thought I’d see Makiyo first to get comfortable and then see her with Mimi on my next visit.

    Met at their incall. Makiyo opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised that she is the woman in the photos. You never know if that will be the case these days. She was dressed rather conservatively, but told me to shower and she would change. When I came out she was dressed in black lingerie with cutouts for her gorgeous breasts. We started kissing DFK by the bed while I was running my hands over her body. She dropped my towel and started stroking me while we continued to make out. She said something about me being hard and I laughed and said something like I wonder why? She looked me in the eye, spit in her hand, and went back to stroking with her saliva as lube. I thought this was super hot and started kissing her more passionately.

    After a bit I pushed her into the bed and took off her panties so I could go down on her. She was pretty wet and seemed to enjoy what I was doing. She was very vocal, telling me what she liked and how good her pussy was feeling. She would tell me to speed up or slow down, but then at one point she grabbed my hair and just started grinding her clit on me telling me she was about to cum.

    After that she laid me on my back and went down on me with a BBBJ. The constant eye contact and smiling was such a turn on. Finally she put the condom on and climbed on CG. Her body is thin with bolt ons, so watching her bounce on top of me was quite a site. We eventually moved to mish so I could continue making out while thrusting into her. That was pretty much it.

    We laid together talking for a bit afterwards. I was in no rush to go back into the heat. We talked about living in Dubai and how the shopping compares to Japan. As we left the bedroom to make our way to the door I caught a glimpse of Mimi and Makiyo have a brief introduction. She’s very cute as well, so I’m looking forward to that future threesome.

    All in all it was a great experience. Makiyo is an attractive nympho and I would highly recommend seeing her.

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