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I will break your walls down completely and make you submit. I will Fuck your mind before I even touch your body. This is an integral part to how I play. It’s all well and good being bent over and spanked but really getting into your head, breaking you apart from the inside out slowly. To see you sit there with glazed eyes, awaiting instruction and only then will I let you think of touching me.

Fear! I will get hard on watching you Flinch every time i move. Degradation & humiliation go hand in hand with the above. As does Consensual Non Consent. I will not treat you as an equal, or even a person. Just a thing to play with. Whisper all the horrific things i want to do to you and use you like a doll. You will enjoy being choked and your hair pulled on until you become compliant.

You will push yourself to the very boundaries of mental and physical strength.
And slowly bruises will become aesthetically pleasing things to you. As well as my sadistic grin that by no means tells you that Your in trouble.
You Will be loved and treated like a princess but disciplined when needed...or anything that will have you screaming I’m sorry daddy.

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  • Verified photosCartie - escort in Hong Kong
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Not professional. Made a booking, she accepted. Was waiting outside hotel for her room number for a long time. Received one message from her saying “don’t want to” then she blocked me. Very bad service and a waste of my time.

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