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  • Verified photosVIKRAM - Male escort in Mumbai
    31 Oct 2019

    Amazed with the Size he has.. His every touch fired a sensational pleasure inside me, commendable stamina and was not even on hurry.. Took every moment like a passionate lover ❤️. Must try.. 💋

    Thanks alot Amanda. Am missing every second of our time that we had spend together 😍. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. C u

  • Verified photosVIKRAM - Male escort in Mumbai
    20 Jun 2019

    I heard lot and lot more things about u. One of my friend is in regular contact with u. As per her you r very recommended. Hence, I am eagerly waiting to see u. How about this Friday night? R u free? Let's catch up?

    Was expecting ur msg Amanda, I have already made myself free on Friday just for you babe.. Lets meet. N m sure that Even you will turn to b my regular s*x partner just like frnd. ❤️😍