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  • Verified photosHARDEST COCK-BIGGEST CUM, HOTTEST ANDREA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Best encounter with Andrea!!
    On arrival at the place, I phoned Andrea … and she directed me through the lobby entry, buzzed me through the main entrance, and asked me to take the lift up to the 4th Floor. I must say, I was nervous ascending in that lift … almost as if this was my first ever punt all over again. But I didn’t run … and slowly walked along the 4th Floor corridor, as a door up ahead slowly opened. Tentatively stepping inside, I was relieved to find a beautiful woman behind the door … smiling back at me, welcoming me inside. I found her to be model-level beautiful, as she strutted before me toward the bedroom … in maroon on-black lingerie, maroon hold-ups, and black fuck-me heels … just beautiful.

    In the bedroom, Andrea reclined back on the bed in well-rehearsed repose, perfected to show off womanly angles and features … as I stood before her, babbling about this “first time”, and being “nervous”, and wanting to “go with the flow”, and not “be forced” to do stuff … blah, blah …She simply smiled back and reassured that she’d “take care” of me and we’d “enjoy” our time together. She then asked me to do her “a favour” … that is, to wash my hands and gargle with mouthwash in the en suite. I of course obliged, and returned to undress … still nervily babbling at Andrea, as she sweetly looked on at me and listened.

    Looked great from the start. The instagram photos give you a very good impression of her face and the general vibes. All in all you get a good view to see for yourself how attractive you find her. Her English is excellent, always she find ways to start with small chat and certainly sufficient for banging...

    I wanted her to be dominant and this was no issue. After sorting out the paperwork and me taking a quick shower we got into the action (her kissing is superb wow! amazing) and she pressed me down to suck her. Also licked her arse. This was amazing. Tasted great. No issues with hygiene. I spend quite a bit of time sucking her dick, balls and arse. We went to the bed and I also worshipped her in every inch. I wanted her to fuck me, so after the necessary preparations she started getting her dick into me. I was a bit tight at first, but she helped easing me up and after a few minutes it worked. So she fucked me for about 10mins I guess and then I came all over myself. Cleaned up, chatted a bit, licked her arse some more and went for round 2 after I got hard again. This time I wanted to fuck her. Finished off in the bag, as I wanted.

    Overall I had a great time. Would give this experience a 10/10, to be fair I don't have a lot of experience with TS escorts, so take this with a grain of salt. Throughout the time I spent with her she was friendly and we had good vibes.

    I think I spend about 75mins in her apartment and she is no clock watcher.
    Would definitely recommend and might visit again.

    Thanks love! Appreciate that you gave me this positive inputs. Looking forward to see you again ❤️

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