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  • Verified photosPROSTATE MASSAGE. - masseuse in Bangkok
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Firstly, I want to thank everyone who reviewed before me. It really helped me to make a choice in going with Penny.
    She arrived on time (I did an outcall) and we went to my room. I told her I never had this type of massage before and I asked her to explain to me what to expect. She went into a lot of detail, and so there were no surprises from me. I think I might have surprised her a little bit.

    There is no sex or nakedness like she says. I didn't even bother asking about that as I really had hired her to do the prostate message.

    She started off with a regular message with oil and then did some special stuff around the anus and area between anus and balls. Maybe 30 minutes you are on your front. Then you flip and it is chest and some more massage around the private area. Maybe another 30mins. She is really an expert at edging and controlling you to cum or not.

    The prostate milking was great. I had an orgasm and then she finished me off with a regular orgasm.

    I highly rate it. Was worth the time and effort.

    Thank you.