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  • Verified photosAlluring & Erotic ALEENA REAL MEET & CAM - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Met her 2 days back even when she had got a negative review but i regret reading that and proceeding. Yes she is aged and everything is loose so in 15k you definitely get better options if you are not into grannies. I wish there was a provision to attach the hotel booking as her previous reply demands from negative reviewers to make her point valid.

    Now it's confirmed it's a jealous pimp who wants me to work with him.u can't attach hotel details here right send it to me I want to know who met me i will refund the amount n if u met me use the same mail id to put the review na y make new mail id.last i will do is disclose ur name with all the gals working for u coz i know who it is.