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  • Verified photosTrisha punjabi Independent - escort in New Delhi
    14 Mar 2023

    Could you please explain this "decent manner " ?
    And I am not at all into sex or something ..m purely into oral submission and bdsm .
    Please let me know so that we can plan a meeting soon.

    I don't meet those who abuse in bed and leave scratch marks on body
    Who treat like a slave i don't meet them.

  • Verified photosTrisha punjabi Independent - escort in New Delhi
    6 Mar 2023

    Do you provide bdsm services also ??
    I like rough facesitting + forced pussy/ass worshipping and being a chair or pony for a mistress.
    If you can provide or want to try that..please let me know .

    I m into up with decent manner.

  • Verified photosAardhya Horny Independent - escort in New Delhi
    2 Mar 2023

    Looking for rough facesitting and breathe denial punishment bdsm session .
    Can u provide this ??
    If yes please let me know how can I meet u in real ??

    Talk WhatsApp baby

  • Verified photosMistress Silvia - dominatrix in Kolkata
    12 Feb 2023

    Are you available on telegram also ?? If yes please share your iD ..would love to meet you .

    Text me through whatsapp on the number provided.

  • Verified photosTisha - adult performer in Gurgaon
    10 Feb 2023

    Ma'am if you can't give scat in 4k ...
    May I know can you provide rough facesitting (breath denial punishment) and pony training in 4k ??
    Is that possible..??

    Dear charges alredy given for rest talk on whtsap