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  • Verified photosSquirting British MILF Lindsey - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    she got a big attitude. We agreed to meet and then she changed her mind for no reason and ignored.
    I dunno how she got even one 5 star. Must have paid from her pocket to get that .

    My dear
    When people contact me I will treat them with the respect and common courtesy they treat me with. But I have some points for you.

    First of all, if I had a big attitude then why would you have wanted to meet me in the first place, giving me the opportunity to change my mind?

    Surely, if my attitude was bad then you would have simply decided I was not for you and moved on to another advert?

    Or is that just too close to common sense for you??

    Whenever you are talking about it could not have been in the last week because I only arrived back in Dubai last night.
    However, on my last trip here I refused to meet several people due to their complete lack of respect or because I have perceived them as a risk
    I will cancel appointments for the following reasons…..
    1, if you turn up at my place and you stink like you have not seen soap and water for a month
    2, if you try to change the agreement that we made at the last minute.
    3, if you request unprotected intercourse at any point
    4, if I perceive you as disrespectful or a potential threat due to an aggressive manner

    Whatever happened I am sorry that you were unhappy enough to act like a child going to his teacher because the big kids don’t want to play with him.

    I hope you find what you are looking for my dear
    And by the way thank you for the review, good or bad it puts my ad to the top 😄
    All the best xxx

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  • Verified photosSweetie Ade - escort in Dubai
    30 May 2014

    are you up for Fridays incalls?
    I been calling but u didn't attend.
    Wondering which days are you on?

    Hey,sorry friday i was off u can try to call me again, tnx:*