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  • Verified photosHARDEST COCK-BIGGEST CUM, HOTTEST ANDREA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met andrea 2 days ago and She’s an interesting niche.  Pics on the profile are very accurate - she's a definitely a good sized cock, big enough to know you're being fucked but not so big I couldn't take it. 

    I’ll say it again … (Wo)man alive! Andrea is hands-down a top Positive sex experience, easily a kin to any GFE I’ve enjoyed with any TS. This is no surprise to those who’ve dipped their dick in TS waters, as I believe that TS ANDREA has developed a well-deserved reputation of being the go-to-TS for any newbie … and testament is 5 previous Positive feedbacks and not out.

    My experience with her... On entering her apartment, Andrea greeted me with a sparkling smile and a lip kiss at the door … and had me instantly ogling her stunning form in black lace lingerie … bustier, hipsters, hold-ups and heels …wowser! I followed her strut to the bedroom, where we quickly started to caress and cuddle, during which we confirmed timing and payment. I handed Andrea the cold cash which she slipped in safe place. She then returned to my embrace, fondling my growing groin … and asked if I’d ever been with a TS before. I admitted once, but I was quick to explain that I was still exploring … Andrea squeezed my bulging package with a knowing smile … and I knew I was in safe hands.

    We stood in a tight embrace, slow-seduction around each other … lip-kissing and body-caressing … as Andrea helped me undress and hang my clothes on the rack. Now naked before her, we progressed to gentle fuck and quickly to tender DFK … supremely GFE-style. All the while, She was working up my cock and balls, as I fondled her hard ass through her hipsters … and then pulled them down, as she unclasped her bustier … allowing both her cock and her small tits to spring out.

    I sucked down on her firm funbags, as she grinded her shaft against my thigh, whilst pulling at my own. I tentatively tried to wank Andrea in return, but found her foreskin a novelty … unsure whether to use it to wank or pull it back. As I worried about exposing my poor masturbation technique, Andrea guided me back to the bed and lay me down … cuddling by my side … DFK … tits … and then kissing down my chest and stomach toward eagerly anticipated OWO. And Good Golly, Miss TS Andrea … I guess it’s no surprise that Andrea sure knows how to suck cock … wonderfully sloppy and expertly DT … tight and swirly … swishing hair and staring eyes … cleverly angled such that I could watch directly down and in reflection to the side. As I steadily edged, I broke rhythm to pull back with DFK and tit-sucking. Andrea dropped back down between my legs  for more OWO, but this time to engulf my taut sac. I thought she might slurp lower, but alas rimming didn’t happen … moreover, I wanted to test my own slurping skills … and shyly asked if Andrea would rubber her cock up for me. With a keen smile, she duly obliged.

    Now lying in side-on 69, as Andrea returned to OWO/DT-ing my throbbing cock and busting balls, I found her rubbered schlong bouncing around my face. I wanked it up to solidity, and gobbled her glans … trying my best to deliver OW … but failing to be sloppy, unable to keep suction tight, barely passing able to take in more than a third of Andrea’s length. I suddenly felt like a crap Romanian SP! I could feel Andrea softening in my mouth, whereas I remained rock-solid in hers. Sensing my Romanian rubbishness, Andrea started to gently fuck my mouth, as she maintained my erection with her saliva-sodden hand. I alas gagged even more … and Andrea knew to let my head go. As she turned back to OWO/DT on me, I resigned myself to sucking her glans, like a rubber lollipop, but managed to harden her up otherwise with my improved handiwork, which included ball play and anal rim-rubbing. Soon enough, both cock-swords drawn and ready, I pulled Andrea back over me and into DFK … and whispered how I’d love to fuck her ass. And with another keen smile, she duly obliged.

    Andrea remained on top of me, now straddling my chest … her cock nodding in my face … and reached across for lube. Applying it up her ass, she then reversed down my stomach, holding my cock steady as she docked on to it. Jeezus! So tight! Andrea now in CG motion, grinded and gyrated on my cock … and dropped to allow alternate DFK and tits-fest. I then sat up, as Andrea still bounced on my lap … and I loved the reflected view of being bouncing balls deep in her taut tush. I then asked to get in doggy … and we quickly assumed the position, side on to the mirrored tiling. I squeezed back through Andrea’s clenching ring … and pounded her silly … as she knew to face the mirrors, so I could enjoy her biting down on the blanket and act out her cum-face. In mirror, I caught sight of Andrea's cock lolling beneath her, swinging to my rhythm … having essentially forgotten she was a TS … what a waste! I thus quickly reached under to grab her cock and balls, pulling and fondling, as I fucked that ass. Getting close to climax, I asked Andrea if I could cum via her fabulous OWO. As ever, a keen smile, and she duly obliged.

    As I slipped out to lie down, Andrea stepped off the bed and beckoned me to follow with a “Let's try something different” … Ooo err, Missus! She then stood me alongside the mirrored wall tiles, as she crouched down before me … face to cock. She then moved forward into fast and furious OWO/DT, directing me to hold her hair tight in my right hand behind her head … effectively kicking off face-fucking proper, as I found myself being encouraged to thrust down her throat. Andrea wanked herself up, as she rocked and rolled my cock in my mouth, bulging out each cheek, down her throat with rare gags, I felt my sap rise … and asked if I should warn, as I wasn’t sure whether Andrea did CIM. She shook her head, and mouthed, “I’ll know!” … what a trooper! And so my knees almost gave way, as I let go … initial spurts into Andrea’s mouth, which she let dribble out and down her ample cleavage … later and finals spurts being directed in my first-ever COB and pearl necklace. Result!

    All spent, Andrea let my cock go …  and I staggered back to fall the bed, knees still weak … Andrea laughed. As I recuperated, She wet-wiped herself, and passed me the packet to do the same. After a brief post-cum chat, I adjourned for a shower. Back in the room, Andrea was already in a black silk robe… and we chatted some more, while I dressed up. Andrea then led me to her front door … and let me out with a squeeze of my groin and fleeting FK. My knees still weak, at the end of 32mins, I had a wobbly walk back to Warren St tube. (Wo)man alive! Definitely will come back for another round!!

    And winkywanky, good ts, I thank you!

    Hi babe such a LONG ONE! Thank you so much and I would love to see you again! Definitely another unforgettable experience ❤️💋