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  • Verified photosPrajakta - Premium Escort from Mumbai - escort in Pune
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Well! This is my first ever attempt of writing a review ; Praj! Where to start about you! More than what deeds we have done, firstly i would like to mention here, she is really an amazing person with utmost genuineness, politeness, & humanity! Trust me guys, she is the one who really values your money.

    It's damn rare to find such a genuine profile here... Else there is no short fall of fake money diggers here...
    Just to mention a small things, firstly regarding my hotel booking, she was so generous that she didn't allow me to spend and book a hotel, she kept it on hold, unless and untill she had some surety about her time of arrival at my Hotel.

    Secondly regarding the travel allowance, she is very honest and never demand your for any extra bucks then what r actually required! She needs the least...That's why I say, That our time and money is equally imp for her, She respect it and also deserves the same!

    Now, Regarding the main thing, damn she fucking hot, What a curvy aesthetics. She has a magical touch, blessed by a heavenly beauty. The best part is the way she makes an eye contact with her beautiful eyes. Way beyond seductive. Her touch and look itself is enough to drive you amazingly crazy. She is very friendly, equally funny, n trust me, there cannot be a moment with here where you will not laugh! Her sporty attitude to take your demands on plate, without leaving you embarrassed even for a second. The way she kisses and moans, will take off your control on urself.
    Rest I leave it to your imagination!

    She is a natural beauty with no artificial touch ups!

    Will definitely meet her again soon ! Hope u remember me.
    The fragrance of "Perfume" that doesn't make you sneeze.. the missed dark chocolate pastry on its way soon !

    Thanks for the perfume dear😘
    I will always remember you whenever I use it.
    Btw we spend such a quality time,
    Also thank you so much for such a honest & detailed review...🥰
    Lots of love darling😘😘😘