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  • Verified photosLina MILF is Back - escort in Dubai
    7 Sep 2021

    My message was in the form of a private message, I was kindly asking if you would unblock my number and let me speak on Whatsapp.

    Know that time wasters will be blocked forever and I’m not desperate to unblock them, I deal with only legit.

  • Verified photosJuris - escort in Dubai
    28 Aug 2020

    Ms Juris. I simply am requesting you to unblock me, we spoke around June, and I genuinely want to rectify what happened.

    Please email me your phone number. Thanks💋

  • Verified photosSexy & Sophisticated Gfe Few Days - escort in Singapore
    5 Sep 2017

    Hey Clara, your not responding to the numbers you posted here? Is everything okay? or are you not working tonight? Thank you.

    Hi, thank you for asking
    I just arrived today and did not have enough time to replay all texts, sorry about that, tomorrow sep 6th ll normal, you can text me anytime
    Xx ?