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Just a normal guy trying to enjoy life. I only comment about the finest extraordinary experiences in life. Otherwise, I have seen a lot.

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GFE and Massage

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  • Verified photosShona River Pornstar - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    As much as one would think of all the erotic fantasies when seeing Shona in one of her videos, as much as one would be surprised and astonished by her wonderful, kind, and engaging personality. She has left very rare strong first impression on me that I had to book her again for another 3 hours immediately on another day - following the first encounter during my short visit to Dubai.

    I know to each their own taste/desire, but spending time with charming, mature, intellectual, simple person such as Shona is an absolute guaranteed fantastic experience that spreads and leaves you with positive energy and memories to cherish. To this end, I would always invest with a premium.

    Guys - do not get me wrong. This does not mean at all the that you get in DFK mood from the door all the way to the action arena. You still have to be a gentleman and try to break the ice. It is simple - you be the gentleman and she would be the princess.

    Onboarding to set up the date is easy provided you follow screening process. All in all, She is a true genuine high-end companion.

  • Verified photosMikayla Silk - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Mikayla - the Flagship of Dubai, the Pearl of the Gulf States, and Jewel of the Middle East Region - is finally touring between different cities this summer (2023).

    I speak to business executives and entrepreneurs who have limited precious time to rest and indulge them selves into the finest pleasure of life. Mikayla is the perfect guaranteed option for you. She is a combination of joy, temptation, sin, seduction, and lust. If it is your first date with Mikayla, surrender your self to the palm of her hand, let her orchestrate the rhythm of your intimate experience (as she for sure will do check points with you in return), and you will sustain a mind blowing experience that is second to none. I promise you that.

    What is captivating as her beauty is her sweet personality, the human touch behind the companion figure, and the intellectual seamless conversation. This is what keeps me visiting her regularly.

    Companionship is very wide and diverse market. I can testify based on my experience that Mikayla is placed in the high end segment of this profession. Treat her well, and you will have your high ROI (i.e pleasure).

    Words are not enough to do her justice.

    See you soon dear.

    Wow awesome review thanks😍