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  • Verified photosUdari - Working girl meet you after work - escort in Colombo
    9 Aug 2022

    Hey babe
    I msg you on whatsapp but no reply from. Pls check ur whatsapp.


    I work only in weekends so I'll check all msgs on Friday. Thanks

  • Deleted profile (Rochelle)

    3 Sep 2022

    Are you available these days??

    plz text this numeber. i am colombo now.

  • Deleted profile (Srimali)

    15 Jul 2022

    Your what's app number is not working. How to contact you?

    Thank's babe for the good time.. And im glad that u enjoy.. Hope to see you again. Cheers 😘

  • Deleted profile (Roshan X for decent women)

    21 Nov 2021

    Hey dear do you couple swap??

    hello dear..yeah i do couple can send me a text to my whatsapp number 😄

  • Deleted profile (Roshan X for decent women)

    24 Oct 2021

    Hey are u free these days???

    yeah i am free thesedays

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