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  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    21 Mar 2021

    Mistress Anita
    Can you do a very strict and tough session with me???

    Hi Javier,

    I offer sessions both to complete newcomers introducing them slowly into the world of FemDom as well as to very experienced slaves.
    All sessions are completely tailor made so you will have the chance to see all the options before making a booking.
    A very strict and tough session is definitely also an option you could go for if that is what excites you!

    My website has a Possibilities Page you might like to check out as well!

    Mistress Anita
    My new Whatsapp:+31625368495

  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    29 May 2020

    I am new at this. Don't really know about the terminology and choices and that.
    Can you brake it down for me so I know what to go for ?

    Most people in Dubai are in fact newcomers and I tailor-make every session.
    To make it even more easy to the new guys like yourself, you can choose by checking from
    That way you need no terminology, as you put it.
    You just choose from the pictures. Easy!
    You dont even need to have Twitter to be able to see it
    Also, before we start the session I will show you around my place and we will have a little chat about your fetishes and fantasies.
    You are in the best hands with me !

    Mistress Anita
    Whatsapp: +316 2143 8749