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    I had bad experience with a shemale abroad Lebanon two years ago but still got that curiosity to try it over. As a matter of fact i was afraid to hook up with a Lebanese shemale since am a Lebanese myself. So, i decided to try it out this time as well hoping to be a success. as i was flipping and scrolling through the available escorts on this website,my eyes caught on Juliana's profile , i texted her and we eventually agreed on all the details. I stepped by her place, she had a real safe place. once i got there, she showed me where to park my car, and then i went upstairs straight to her apartment. Frankly, i felt a bit nervous. As she opened the door, i got real comfy and somehow zoned out, it was like a dream. Prior to the session, we sat and chat a bit, and during our conversation, i asked her that id like to be top rather than bottom. We entered the room,and once she starts undressing, i got stunned by her attractive,curvy and fit physique. She asked me to hop into the bed, we commenced smooching and caressing and her kiss tripped me to another world. The scent of her body was incredible as if it was the babies', super clean. I licked her from lips to toes. As she asked me to lay down on my back, she went gently sucking my boner and then started to deepthroat it and dirty-talk me, so i noticed how much she loved having sex.Later on, she handed me a condom and i got it on. I doggystyled her going gently first and then she asked me to go faster and harder as she was dirtytalking me, i got so wild. We flipped to cowgirl position with her riding my cock. I noticed that she had a hard on and that made me real happy because that shows we were getting along perfectly. I asked her to play with her cock so we could cum together. she was wildly bouncing on my phallus and stroking hers at the same time. After a few minutes , i told her that i'm gonna ejaculate and she replied likewise. moments later i came inside her but of course with that rubber band on, while i was juicing up in her butt, i received a huge load on my chest and belly.I approached to her,thanked her and asked her for a tissue to clean the sperm off,she gave me one cracking me with a joke saying that with this massive amount of goo, a tissue won't do.What a funny and playful girl she was.i got in the bathroom for a shower, she handed me a clean towel and i could tell that she was real nice and polite. prior to my leaving, i thanked her for her decent attitude and hospitality. Bottom line, this precise sex session was an epic! and i became addicted to her.
    P.S. We talked about too many things, although not described in the review above but she gave more than i asked for including prolonged time.
    Thank you world's hottest Juliana 😘 😘 😘

    Many thanks to you for this positive review ☺️ i think i have recognized you after reading these details πŸ˜‰ Thanks alot for your support , it indicates how gentle and polite you areβ€οΈπŸ€—β€οΈ