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  • Verified photos(LAST DAY) Mistress Reya Dominatrix - escort in Tokyo
    Rating: 5 / 5

    My greatest pleasure is seeing the smile and glint in her eyes as she abuses my body, be it with a new toy to in inflict pain on my genitals, nipples or the use of her many floggers and canes on front and backside. Being tied and flogged is an extraordinary experience. As she delivers the blows her arm goes back making her breasts gently sway and then swoosh and she smiles as she sees the red marks she has made. She has pushed my pain threshold to heights I could never have imagined but she instinctively knows when my body has had enough and that so no lasting damage is caused.
    It is always a lovely reminder for the first few days after a session when the bruises and soreness remain. I would obviously like to have more sessions with her.
    As I say she is a truly wonderful Lady and I count myself very lucky to have found the Lady of my dreams. Thank you Reya