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  • Verified photosMakiyo-Threesome & A-Level - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It is the first time I leave a review, and it is so deserved.
    I saw Makiyo the first night, it was late, I had had a long time of fun and it was tired. Just like the reviewed said, she was so nice and sweet, words cannot say how true that was.
    She was so welcoming and excited to see me, it felt wonderful.
    The sex was also wonderful, she is of course pretty, skilled, and she enjoyed the sex (well, that's also because I don't suck at sex, but I've been with women who just can't enjoy it anymore, and I understand. She did, and it made things even more exciting).
    And anal, well, nothing makes me more excited than a smaller woman taking me in her ass (and I'm well sized, so not every woman can easily). She took it like a champ and also enjoyed it. What can I say, it was wonderful all around.

    My only regret is that I don't live in Dubai and can't see her more often.

    The next day, I came back even though I should really have gone to bed before my flight home, and saw her again with Mimi. It was also a lot of fun, I usually don't do 3somes and prefer seeing women separately, but this was a really fun one that I don't regret.

    Please be kind ot them, they are some of the nicest women I've met, respect them and give them back the kindness and warmth they deserve. If you can't last in bed, give them oral sex, give them a huge hug, give them a nice massage.

  • Verified photosViolet Shy - escort in Montreal
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Another positive review for Violet.
    She was punctual and had good communication during the booking process.
    She was open for just about anything while in the room and did her very best to get me off.
    As others have said, she has no problems with anal, and she gives enthusiastic deep throat BBBJ.
    She keeps herself in shape and had perfect hygiene.