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  • Verified photosRIA@JLT must read for men&women - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Having heard and read so many good things about her, I decided to try her to see what the whole fuss was about, it did cost me 15 reds for 1 hour but I hit the jackpot, it turned out to be an incredibly hot session and time spent with her felt like being in the company of a great old friend. After I reached her house, I had a quick shower and we sat down on her nice, comfy, reclining sofa while listening to love songs and just chatting. A while later, she started strip dancing for me which really made me blush as I happen to be a shy soul, started to rub herself against me trying to make me hard. Moved to her bedroom where she undressed me and gave me the blowjob of my life, this was undoubtedly the best BBBJ I have ever had, she never took her eyes off me while she was sucking me off, realizing that i was about to climax, she held me by my hands, lied down on her bed and ordered me to go down her super clean shaved pussy, she seemed to really enjoy by the moans she was giving, she kept guiding me on where to touch her and how to roll my tongue inside her, a bit later, we moved to 69 and started to munch on each other. This was the height of pleasure for me, she was rolling her tongue on my tip while playing with my balls, all I wanted to do at that moment was get on top of her and fuck that beautiful pussy. We got off the bed on the floor in front of the cupboard that has a glass mirror where you can see each other, she seems to love doggy and asked me to pound her from the back while we look at each other in the mirror, having her from behind and watching myself while doing it was pure bliss, her moans are something out of this world, I kept spanking her curvy ass while doing her from behind. After taking a good pounding, she again kneeled down in front of me and started playing with my balls again eating me while touching her boobs and playing with her pussy. We moved to her bed again and this time I had her missionary, I was as deep as I possibly could and kept kissing her, she moaned loudly when she was about to cum, I also couldn't control anymore and had an intense orgasm myself.
    We both headed to the washroom to wash each other, while in the washroom, still couldn't take my hands off her. We washed, came out, had a beer and chatted a while, lads, treat her well and she will take you to heaven and back.

  • Verified photosI'm Kate. Independent. Full service - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I created this account just so I could write a few words of appreciation for Kate, she is amongst the top 5 escorts i have met from MR in my 10 years in Dubai, we had some initial confusion on WhatsApp when I contacted her but once everything got clarified, i headed to Marina to meet her, she is really gentle and kind in person and the services she offers on the bed are just too good to put in words. I am a fan now and will be meeting her a lot often.

    Oh thank you so my my sweetie