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    I had the chance to meet dreamgirlTina today and I was really impressed by her personality. She is totally amazing woman, Very feminine with smooth silky white skin, she smells awesome that I am able to lick her all over for an hour and i just cant stop kissing her. She kissed like there's no tomorrow! Very Passionate in bed I must say. She has a great body with perfect size tits and a nice big package between her legs! I will definitely come back! Highly recommended! Had a great time with her and looking to spend more time in the future. You take care my darling , i'll be with you soon

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    Met Angelina few week ago. She is so lovely and hot shemale. She gave warm welcome to me. Her hotel is so easy to reach and hygienic. The location is pleasant and luxury. Washroom is clean too. Her body smelt extraordinary. She has very huge boobs(36+). And she has an exquisite tool . She gave every carrier to me. Her lips tastes so fine. She knows the whole lot so properly. And makes her customer feel extraordinarily satisfied together with her service. Every parts of her frame is very beautiful. She is so attractive and warm shemale. I will in reality meet her extra regularly now. Loved it a lot

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    met ria the day before today in Bangalore ,I am so picky type of character and yess. You can see that she likes to make her self beautiful with the make up and whatever she put on. The self belief makes her extra splendid. Her room so Clean and well organized. We drink and talk.... While everything is prepared... We began to kiss passionately, I feel her frame so hot as fireplace, and her dick is so difficult as mine. She suck me so Deep so She deserved to be sucked as like that no longer to say that shes large and scrumptious I should suck her all day and night! We ended so wild, She did what I requested her to do and she did what ever she loves to do. I sucked and lick her ass at the same time as she is sucking my dick... Then I couldn’t control myself and requested her to fuck my nearly virgin ass.. She smiled and informed me to relax and revel in it.. Although her dick is so massive for my tight ass however she’s just so exact that each one I felt changed into pride she drilled my ass so right for too long along with her fantastic stamina pheeww!!! It became my dream to cum palms unfastened and she made me do it so proper I got here all over myself I changed into astonished!! I am getting difficult whilst I am scripting this.... That experience together with her is so terrific, I will meet you again ria darling

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    I met mayesha this sunday and I changed into blown away via her splendor and gentle mannerism. She seems a lot extra lovely and attractive than her snap shots. She made me cushty for the reason that being first timer I was worried. But my God she took me gently on a erotic adventure in which I wanted increasingly. Her cock is easy reduce,very smooth smells like a lawn of plants. She lightly fucked me in various positions with condom. It changed into painful in the beginning however she guided it with lots of lubricants and endured pounding me slowly at the start and full on later. I loved how she fucked me and sucking her cock, the way how she pinnacle you it's far some thing amazing, it'd you cum with out touching your cock I dare to mention it became the great intercourse ever had. What a experience to ecstasy.I will see her once more quickly. Any willing men who are first timer, I suggest put up yourself on all four to her and see what she does to you.

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    This lady is out of this global! I met her at her vicinity within the Bangalore, she opened the door and seemed even better than at the pictures. Insanely warm!
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