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  • Verified photosLinda 7 - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    met her today in her apartment, i met her, and her friend, they where both soo hot. but i had to chose linda <3
    here is why i am visiting her again !!
    1-very hot, with an amazing curved body + a spank-able ass
    2-her room is very clean and relaxing
    3-she understoond everything i said, and did her best to give me a nice time
    4- did everything i wanted (from foot fetish to crazy fantasies)
    will definitely visit her again

  • Deleted profile (Lucy)

    Rating: 4 / 5

    lucy was amazing .. AMAZING i met her 3 weeks ago and forgot to review 😛
    she did everything I want , she understood all my fantasies ... and she looks way sexier in real life... shes too good to be true
    but i give it 4 star because we did not stay the full hour..
    after half an hour she was done , and stopped...
    maybe she was in a rush or something 😞
    but other than that, shes the best

    thanks .dear. i will give you better and better services to make you happy.

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  • Verified photosSweetie Ade - escort in Dubai
    13 Jun 2015

    hey i have read ur reviews on the website and i am interested, but i want to ask you something 😄
    the services that i want are kind of weird (NOT disgusting :p)
    its like role-playing Spy vs Spy style , example you pretend to knock me out (acting) and then you undress me and play with my body and the other way round ...
    its fun actually , are you ok with it ?

    No sorry ?

  • Mei Ling Abu Dhabi - escort agency in Abu Dhabi
    9 Sep 2014

    hello , will u allow me to do this with you (roleplay.. acting) . and send me ur real pictures to

    Thank you for making contact Jose3, If you give me a call on the number above we can discuss your requirements.
    Talk soon
    Mei x

  • Lilly Toyou 1 - escort in Abu Dhabi
    9 Sep 2014

    hello , will u allow me to do this with you
    (roleplay.. acting) . if not ask your friends, and if one of them can, send me her picture, because i need to know the girl that will provide me the service

    If you give me a call we can talk. May be one of my friends can help you?
    Call me baby

  • Verified photosSexy Hot Angela - escort in Dubai
    9 Sep 2014

    hello i asked if i can play with ur feet and carry you and you said ok, so will u allow me to do this with you (roleplay.. acting)

    Call me before you come.thanks!

  • Verified photosSexy Helena from Spain - escort in Dubai
    5 Sep 2014

    hello , will u allow me to play with ur feet and carry u , this is my fetish, is it ok with u?

    for information call me! I will be in dubai on 18 september...see you