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  • Verified photosSM strap on with Sammy - escort in Al Manama
    23 Apr 2016

    why aren't you smiling in any photo???????

    Because I am a mistress .need to be serious ???

  • Irani Sexy Boobs - escort in Dubai
    24 Jan 2016

    Hi, do you have strapon?

    Yes this is my number 056 864 5900

  • Deleted profile (HHHHHHHHHHH)

    2 Nov 2016

    Hi Olivia, do you have strapon toy? have you used it before?

    Hello my darling))
    Yes i do it before you can write me in whats app and i say you when and where we can to meet))))

  • Deleted profile (Dodo Classy Escort)

    21 May 2016

    هاي دودو... عندك إستراب اون؟ بتعرفي تستعمليه؟ .. في إنتظار ردك..

    انامو عندي للاسف

  • Deleted profile (Brianna)

    29 Nov 2015

    Hi love. Do you have strapon? which size?
    thank you

    Hi i have strapon it's a medium size 😄

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Hi, He lives in Dubai where I live. I knew him from his questions to escorts. here is the link
. We have the same interest in strapon sex.
I hope he will be interested to get in contact with me


Hi, thank you for reply. I totally respect your privacy rules. As you know very little number of users approach the forum.I personally just noticed that a forum exists despite using your site for a long time. To respect the privacy of Trip43, I will appreciate should you convey my email address to him. It is then up to him to contact me or not. I will extremely appreciate your help. Thank you


Hi. I notices that a member of your forum with a ID: trip43 has the same interests I have in strap-on sex. I will be extremely grateful if you can pass me his email address to share our experience about the best escort. You may also pass to him my email address. Please do not ignore my request. There are very few persons who share this interest and it will really help to facilitate communication. Thank you