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  • Verified photosDisha Kaur (Independent Married Lady) - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Well, I'm penning down this review after recent meet with her last week and a request from her end to give a review about her.
    So I want to keep things Simple, honest and accurate with detail about the meeting, instead of the fact she asked to write positive but I would like being HONEST..

    I usually travel to Delhi for work and reside near airport. It had always been my fantasy of being with sadarni housewife, tried many with many broker in the past but never got what was promised.
    I met her last year and contacted her through only way of communication WhatsApp.. Was not easy, Tbh reply was late..slow and couldn't get the appointment of meeting due to last minute. And neither she entertain night appointment. So totally a turn off.
    But was in touch with her for the next visit and with scheduled.
    Three pic of hers was shared as promised but more pic shared after the meeting was fixed and I shared the hotel booking for the next visit.
    She called me on the day we met before meeting. Sound good on phone.
    She asked me to carry all protection and massage oil, was expecting her to carry so last minute rush to buy it.
    She was late to the time scheduled, Anyhow when at last I met her, she looked hot and beautiful not as in pic ( she told me pic was 3 month old)
    A 20 s late lady she looked with little on chubby side to be frank ( she said she is working out in gym but as she explained sadarni are little healthy) but I found her cute and hot..
    She smelled very good.
    So look I would give rating
    7 /10

    We walked to room. I took GOLD PACKAGE and handover the money.
    We talked for a while. We interacted good like a old friend.. Good quality conversation we had knowing a bit each other and she started knowing my sexual need and what all I like.
    All her attention was on me and my need or what I'm talking.

    So on Attitude wise I would give rating

    Now like after 20 min of conversation we started our intimacy with a good passionate love making by her end for 10 min to 12 min,then undress by her and good kiss on my whole body by her. I did happen to have smooch by her but not in deep way but still I like the way she kissed.
    I was aroused and we got into action in less then 30 min and I did happen to bang her in good way and all this lasted for good time. Her moaning voice with need for more.. I guess. Means I was happy with a smile how the first session went good and in a passionate way. First experience being with a True sadarni and I was really enjoying the fun and time with her in real way.
    Within an hour our first session was over and I was relaxed..

    Kiss -5/10
    Licking of me 8 /10
    I licked her 10/10
    Boobs - 10/10 ( trust me she got one of the best boobs I have seen in recent time)
    Doggy position 9/10 ( she gets tired so deducting one point for it)

    Then we relaxed for a while and we talked and order a lunch.. Then she gave a simple erotic massage, and I got erection so again we got into passionate making out together and this time it was more passionate, Was enjoying my body all over her smooth silky body and boobs. Then she started giving bj ( without condom) and woah.. That was a real killer.. A true pleasure of her lips moving over it and on tip of my.. Woah it was deep and her hand moved all the way I want all over way I wanted always.. She never deny anything I asked her politely and even did bj the way I want.. Bj was for around 5 to 7 min I guess then she started intercourse in doggy but couldn't do for long as I got tired so did she, so second shot couldn't happen to which she tried with bj again and hand combined and after 10 min of both bj and hand I was able to cum..
    I was happy with bigger smile on my face and looks satisfied but she didn't look much satisfied as I was not able to bang her this time..

    Massage - 6 /10
    Bj - 10/10
    Doggy - 8.5/10
    Handjob and bj - 10/10

    I asked her for grooming and it was smooth by her hand moving all around my d**k and cleaning it.. In proper way which again gave me bonner.
    With last energy left we planned last shot in shower, so we started making out all the way I wanted with all licking and went smooth in shower.. It was first experience with any lady in shower together all water..

    We made out in shower but again was not able to bang her standing but she gave me a good hand in shower and we came to bed and I bang her with all my energy on bed.. She moan like hell and I love the voice of her moaning and asking for more. It kept me going.. With me passion out our session got over of gold package in around 3 hours..

    Shaving - 10/10 ( woah experience.. I enjoyed the session)
    Shower - 10/10 ( just loved it)
    Moaning - xxxxxxx.. Just love the voice..
    Time - 10/10
    Relaxation - 100/10
    Happy - 100/10

    After near to 3 hours total session was over and she took her solo shower got ready and final good bye kiss.

    I feel a bond with her and connected, Till date I have taken more then 7 meeting with her since we first met and soon gonna meet again. Whenever I come Delhi I book her. I always take gold package. She never give discount but that's okay as i get relaxed..
    My last words is.. On smooch if she could improve I would feel more happy..
    Loose some weight like just 5 kg she would be killer in every way then..
    Else then that I'm very happy with her and satisfy all possible way..

    Awww.. Honey this is a big one to read.... Thanks for taking out time and i really appreciate...
    One lighter side sweetie, I asked for detail review not positive, I mean to say whatever u felt with meeting me you give detail and true review and really thanks for it.... I enjoyed reading it and would surely try to improve myself which u have requested..
    Will surely loose my weight asap and I'm working out in gym at present to so u could enjoy more with me and on deep kissing too.. Next time would make sure u don't get to complain on this front too...
    I really appreciate detail review, weather negative or positive but with truth.. Because someone might like something about me and something not.... All i ask is
    tell me truth then surely I would try to improve that, because I give my best to keep all happy as per package they select.... As i enjoy my work and make sure I stand on standard you select me and make it worth for every penny you paying me...
    I try to make a bond with people who respect me.. Sweetie thanks... Looking forward for our next meeting again...