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  • Marlin - escort in Nairobi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Wanted to mèet marlin for about 4 months , she thought i was fake, but finally we met on aug 27 in chennai...she surprised me at the last moment by saying that her sister would be joining us for no extra cost...i loved that she wanted to satisfy her client no matter what...shes damn beautiful in person and made me comfortable instantly, took me to her room and french kissed me... she introduced me to her surprise gift, her sister becky, who looked amazing too. We jelled instantly. Becky was the first one to initiate , we started dfk and sensual foreplay, she tasted amazing, by that time marlin freshened up and started giving an amazing blowjob while becky kissed me and played with my nipples. Then i went down on becky and started licking her already wet pussy...had an amazing sweet taste to it. Then maybe we both were so hot, so me and becky had missionary sex for about 10min and i cummed inside her...then marlin sucked the rest of the cum off my cock . This made me more horny and  endud up going to the second session, with becky back to kissing me and marlin sucking my cock. I usually go 2-3 rounds in masturbation everyday but maybe due to workstress i was surprised that my dick was only getting partially erect even after an amazing blowjob by marlin and becky and becky riding me. So we decided to take some rest in between , becky went outside leaving me and marlin cuddled naked for sometime. I thought maybe that would be the end of the session, but this was just the beginning. Marlin was looking so hot that after few min, we started kissing each other and i started to rub her pussy and she rubbed my cock. Then i went down on her and wow what a tasty pussy that was!! I can still feel the taste on my tongue. Her moans and my slurping sound filled the room. Thankfully my dick resurrected. She sensed it when i came on top on her to kiss her...she usually doesnt ride but since i told her that that was my favourite position and maybe she was too horny too, she came on top, put a condom and started riding me. Then i came on top of her and we started missionary sex. Our hips moved in tandem and the room was filled with our moans and the sounds of our hips hitting each other. I had an amazing memory which will be etched in my memory forever - seeing her moan when i was fucking her...she looked like a goddess. After about 10min, i cummed inside her, but she was so wet and horny that she wanted me to continue fucking her. With my limp dick i fucked her for 2 more min. Later we had an amazing shower sex where we rubbed each others private parts while kissing under the shower. The best part was the way she teased me while i was dressing up to go. Each and every cloth i put on she shakes     her ass and i go on top of her doggystyle and frenchkiss her and rub my dick on her pussy. She would say, if you rub further i will not be able to hold myself and will end up in another session. Next time i ll definetely try to make it for a full night with her and maybe next time only with her so that we can have the fuck of our lives. Hope you enjoyed it too marlin! see you soon
    Sorry for the late review baby

    Well well well... ! first of all, thankyou so much for writing a review..
    n let me tell u a "truth", u get what u give.
    U are one of those gentlemen who know how to treat a girl with respect n dignity irrespective of what she do. N this is what makes me to be good to those who never judge me of me being an escort.
    U spoke to me with all due respect n dignity n u got my the good side.. 💃🧚‍♀️
    Although we met in a transactional way, u maintained a healthy n comfortable ambience , u treated me really well, n so, i did too. Its all about what u give , n then, u got the best out of me . 🙏🙏
    Thank you for being a gentleman.🤗😇