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  • Verified photosBubblyCandy Tamil Independent - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    I met this pleasant girl yesterday and sharing my experience. The comms prior to the meeting were not difficult. The location is okay but not great.

    Now coming to the act, bubbly a real pleaser. She understands fully well and in no time what is needed to show her man the heaven. She is gifted with a great mouth which she manifests in an unforgettable oral experience. The use of mouth extends to striking up a good conversation for keeping her man comfortable as well and makes one yearn for more.

    To summarize, bubbly is a great package for those that have a thing for plumpy and bubbly experience.

    Thank you so much for reviewing about my service. See you soon.

  • Verified photosRIA@JLT must read for men&women - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met this lady yesterday. Communications were easy. The place was easy to find and with adequate paid parking. Was not comfortable with the high price that I ended up with but oh, boy, the service was excellent. The place was nice, clean and tidy. Excellent conversations. Remarkable use of mouth and tongue!

    To summarize, costly time very well spent! For those that have an Indian itch, go for it!