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  • Verified photos(LAST DAY) Mistress Reya Dominatrix - escort in Tokyo
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I am so sad you leave Dubai..
    I just had a session with Ms. Reya, and...well, I can just say WOW!!! It was a mind-blowing experience, not to mention a humbling one!First of all, she's absolutely gorgeous - the photos on her are not loking as good as she look in reality, and look watered down compared to her curvy, powerful figure. Imagine a beautiful brunette straight out of a James Bond movie...with the only difference that SHE would end up kicking the bad guys' butts and saving 007!
    She has a charming, warm and easy-going personality: we agreed to do a wrestling/domination session. I was expecting to be able to give her a run for her money...boy, was I wrong! She absolutely CRUSHED me, dominating me effortlessy with an array of jiu-jitsu holds and basically overpowering me with sheer brutal strength. Getting defeated by such a sensual lady was at the same time humiliating and delicious...especially when she used her Gym Buuum to facesit me into submission! She even beat me at armwrestling, an incredible feat considering my size advantage; and she celebrated by forcing me to worship her perfect was the stuff of dreams, let me tell you!I highly recommend her!

    Yea, i leave Dubai on 10 Feb, i will be in Bahrain for a week. I appreciate your review and was a nice time.