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  • Verified photosVarnie(Real Meets & Cam Service) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Ms. Lany is a kind, positive, and lovely person. She listened to my wants, and was open to try them out, even though some were the first time for her 🙂
    Loved the time I spent with her, thanks Lany!

    You were such a gentleman though it was like a class room i thought i knew every thing but u taught mi too much thank love for that great tym

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  • Verified photosSidika vera - escort in Mumbai
    18 Sep 2021

    Hi mistress, i have a few fetishes I dream of, but haven’t been fulfilled yet. Please let me know if you can help fulfil 😄
    Face slaps, spit, body bites, face sit, farts sniff,
    pee and shit in mouth.
    Awaiting to serve you!

    Yes I ca do😍can you whatpp me on my number pliiiz

  • Verified photosMysticflower architect of desire - escort in Manila
    18 Sep 2021

    Hi mistress, do you provide brown shower in a session? It’s been a dream to serve as a human toilet to a mistress like you!

    Beg for it dear...☺

  • Miss B-Money - dominatrix in Ho Chi Minh City
    18 Sep 2021

    Hello mistress,

    Do I get to Be your toilet slave? Do you provide brown shower in a session?


    Hi,no I don't.

  • Verified photosSexy Asian Malka - dominatrix in Tel Aviv
    17 Sep 2021

    Hi mistress, do you provide brown shower session?
    My fetishes - golden and brown shower, facesit, slap, spit and bite.
    Do you provide these in a session mistress?

    Hi. Yes, i do provide all of it. 😈

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