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  • Verified photosPranomi Banerjee Cam Queen πŸ₯° - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I wished to see live couple sex and while going through different profiles on MR, I came across Pranomi's profile where she was offering live couple cam sex.
    Immediately after seeing it messaged her to avail the service.
    She was prompt in replying and had good conversational skills. She asked about my fantasies and gave me time for cam show.
    I was very excited about it and paid the amount followed by which i got the video call from her.
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    I asked them to go slowly initially and then very hard later.
    The man seemed to be very experienced he started with a foreplay and banged her so hard that pranomi was moaning laudly.
    It was the best cam for me.
    Thanks both of you

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