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  • Verified photosMistress Zeth-The sissy Academy Bkk - dominatrix in Bangkok
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Honestly this is a "once in a lifetime experience" which I decided to take a leap of faith and never regretted it 😄 I tried my best to recall the entire session below together with my inputs, here goes~

    It started when I was informed of the room number 1367 and while I was walking toward it, you came from room 1366 and whispered "in here" which made my heart skipped a beat because I wasn't expecting it. I guess that helps to build up mentally (be it intentional or unintentionally). After which I was told to take a seat and briefly shared about myself and my past experiences (if any) before I was told to get naked. I think I was still nervous with lots of uncertainty in mind. Then you popped the question if I done an enema before which I never and didn't know what to expect so I was surprised when I was told to lie on the bed with my ass facing up. The process was very smooth and I didn't feel anything out of the norm until you instructed me to count to 120 which I later realised that was roughly the amount of time required for the enema to take effect. I think during the 70 mark, I could feel my stomach upset and the feeling of "poo" was very close... Subsequently I was instructed to clean myself in the toilet.

    Upon coming out from the toilet, you immediately gave me a chastity cage to put on myself in the toilet before coming out. It's my first time putting on that particular brand of cage whereby the cover goes all the way back. It felt "good" when you put inserted the lock and told me to sit down with my eyes closed unless told otherwise. Because you did the make up on me and didn't want me to see my "male-self" . I could feel foundation and coloring above the eye lid on me as well as putting on the eye lashes and lip sticks. I was really clueless on what to expect because I always feel is hard to "remove" the "male-look" but it really took me by surprise, really really looked like a (tbc after the dressing up).

    When you were done with the make up, I still have yet to see how I look like and I was instructed to stand up for you to put on a corset-like top > red satin gloves > red stockings > red panty (g-string) > red fluffy tutu > wig > lastly the red heels. Throughout entire process, you were whispering comments that my current look is too ugly so I have to dress up to look pretty so that guys would find me, how I dressed now could pass off as a sissy slut which you would "sell" me and most importantly my sissy name, which was decided later as "Sissy Sarah". Before I forget, you also rubbed perfume on my neck area during the make up and commented that I needed to smell good to have guy find me. Fast forward a little, you instructed me to stand on the heels and balanced myself take a few steps forward before turning around to where the mirror is. Never in my entire life I would be able to recognise myself in my sissy self. From the wig to the make up and all the way down to the heels, I've never felt this "shy" in front of myself. Would really wish I could stay longer as Sissy Sarah :x

    The next segment was photo-taking. Looking back at the photos now, I felt awkward with my poses (when I was standing) and also when I was instructed to lie down on the bed to act like a doll, with and without my hands tied up. My hands were also pulled to the top of my head for more photos. After taking photo like a doll, I was "fed" with a dildo and told to suck it like a sissy should. You corrected me that I should never use my teeth but my lips. The dildo was just huge (for me) and I was trying my best to suck it well :x After a while of sucking, you then instructed me to stand and approach the mirror where the dildo was stuck on. You told me to placed my hand on the mirror while continuing to suck on the dildo. Quietly, I sucked the dildo. Honestly I really wanted to see how I looked like through the mirror but still closed my eyes throughout.

    Meanwhile, you continued to play with my ass while putting lube on and inserted your finger into me. You whispered that I have a small and tight "pussy". Next, I was told to lied down on the bed, and my legs were raised and a strap was used from behind my head to the back of my thighs , forming a fuckable position. In my mind I knew this was it, that my ass will be your plaything. There you played with my ass while being caged. I really love it when you used your long nails to carcass around my ass/ thigh area, ticklish but not that ticklish 😄 A lot of times when you was inserting into my ass, I tried very hard to relax my muscle as to not contract and eject the supposedly dildo in me. Although there is slight uncomforted and pain, I'm starting to think that is all part of the process as you highlighted pain should be associated with pleasure as well.

    After my ass was looser, I think that was when you whispered the safe words to me quickly. I didn't really know what you meant back then until I realised I was about to be pegged. To my surprise, it did not hurt as much as I expected, perhaps it was the lube which eases the dildo in me. I was trying as much to "enjoy" it but not sure how I was feeling back then? Then you unlocked me and put lubes around the ass area, pegging and stroking me at the same time. I was closed when you was stroking me and honestly I can't feel hard myself (even though you mentioned things like yes yes very good ) I thought that I was still soft and when you untied my hand and remove the glove, you instructed me to jerk myself off, I was surprised that I was already hard . I think after stroking for a while I found it hard to continue because my legs is still up so after you placed it down by your side I think I was a bit shy that I clamped myself too hard on you as I'm jerking off :x

    And after I cum, I think I shot too far (1 week worth of load ) and I think it landed on my face area. Oh I was gagged back when you inserted the dildo in me and then you removed the gag and say something like do me a favour and swallow it right? I did taste it but luckily you were nice enough to let me spit out.

    Aftercare session was really nice to just rest and settle down with a little chatting such as your dungeon back in bangkok and the scenario that you planned into my head whereby 2 of your ladyboy and I can wear the school uniforms together. All this just got me excited 😄

    Probably one of the most honest review ive recieved as its narrated how a sissy should be during a session!! It was a pleasure meeting you in singapore and definitely see you in my dungeon in Bangkok along with my pre op-TS assitants! Keep it kinky slutty SARAH and !! As we say it in thai, " you never try you never know" 😜😜 MZ