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  • Verified photosAmanda - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is the 5th time I'm trying to post. Not sure why it's getting rejected. MR admin please post this!
    Amanda!! well what can I say about this lovely soul who is the hottest and sexiest lady on the outside and has a heart of gold in the inside ❤️❤️ reading all the reviews I got so excited that I decided to text her and she's so sweet in her replies. We quickly agreed on the rates and decided to meet her. I met her a couple of days back and thought I should leave her a review.
    Her place is very safe and as soon as I entered her house I was awestruck by her looks and what she was wearing. She welcomed me with a warm hug and licked my lips, just teasing me and I went completely horny! She offered me water and came close to me and sat beside me. The way she communicates, the care and attention behind those words she speaks, is unparalleled. You get completely lost in her beautiful world. While we were talking, I never realised that she was slowly getting nearer to me every now and then and she was so close to me that I felt we were breathing the same air. My eyes were fixated on her juicy lips and I couldn't control anymore. I went on to kiss her, smooch her and she has the tastiest lips ever. It was the most passionate and intense smooching session I've ever had and it went on for an extremely long time. We were sucking each other's tongue and lips and it was the most romantic moment of my life. I then went on to eat her neck and then the boobs which are so soft and tasty and she was moaning like crazy. I went down on her and gave her the most passionate oral. She was completely wet down there and I just couldn't stop eating it. She then gave me an extraordinary BJ and boy oh boy the way she sucks, it's very hard to control. I came instantly. Cleaned up and then we laid down on bed and spoke on so many topics. I was giving her kisses on forehead and lips every now and then while talking coz she's so beautiful. Then her hands went near my Johnny and I got turned on instantly and passionately smooched her again. I inserted my fingers down there while still smooching her and she came as well. We both cleaned ourselves and then relaxed for a while before I left. I couldn't leave before giving a parting kiss. I went for a peck but she gave me a long smooch again 😍
    She is as real as it gets and is the sweetest honest adorable sexy soul ❤️ she understand what you want and delivers more than you ever imagined. She's not at all a time watcher. You feel like she's your own gf. I haven't felt good about myself in a long time and meeting her was like therapeutic. Thank you so much for that. God bless you always Amanda! Always be the cheerful person that you are. I'll be meeting you again very soon. Love you baby, take care 😘

    Thank u darling 💋 💓 I can't wait darling 😘 tak care too hun...

  • Verified photosJenny - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Seeing all the reviews I decided to meet Jenny. I texted her on telegram and her response was quick.
    I met her today. Her place is clean and easy to find. I had asked her to dress to seduce me and she did exactly that. I was completely blown away by her hotness. Welcomed me with a very long dfk. I have kissed a lot of girls but yes, she is THE best kisser, hands down!! Things got heated up so quickly that we started the deed and boy oh boy it was an amazing session! We tried loads of positions and then she gave me a bj which was the best part.
    Jenny is absolutely amazing. She's tiny but extremely sweet and hence very addictive.
    I'm gonna visit her again very soon 😘

    Thanks sweetheart 😘💋 always welcomed

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