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  • Verified photosYennifer Zoya - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 3 / 5

    Admin this meet took place this month so pls approve.
    I met Zoya who’s working from a well known hotel apartment complex in Dubai and it’s her in pictures but honestly pictures are enhanced for effect. In reality she looks very average. Her receptionist arranged the meet and I’m not sure if she was fully ready when I arrived because she was not at all in a mood to go ahead. Anyways the booking went ahead but Zoya delivered very mediocre service devoid of any live internet Or action from her part. At one point she rushed to finish and as a result I did not want to continue further so I came in the bag, got dressed and came. Overall may be 20 mins in and out so guys never agree to the full price quoted as the services delivered don’t deserve anything more than 300.

  • Verified photosTanasha Fernando Meetup - escort in Colombo
    Rating: 4 / 5

    She’s a very nice girl and provides an okay service . Seems to enjoy what she’s doing . But the stated age (25) is clearly not correct . She’s probably past 30+. Overall good experience though .

    Hi, Thank you for feedback. I am sorry you judged incorrectly as I am exactly the age as mentioned on profile. Everybody sees people differently. Good luck, TC

  • Verified photosRebecca Independent Meets/ Cam only🥰 - escort in Colombo
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Please approve this as it’s a review that really took place.
    I met Rebecca sometime back for the first time and I had my doubts about this escorts before meeting . But when I saw her I was pleasantly surprised as she was a friendly lady with a nice body. She’s small made and older than the profile age. She doesn’t look her real age nonetheless.
    Service was very good and what liked about her was the fact that she really enjoys what she does. Very clean and attentive as well.

    Wow babe thanks alot ♥️♥️♥️

  • Verified photosShanu escort in colombo - escort in Colombo
    Rating: 3 / 5

    Admin please approve as this is a genuine review of an actual meet.
    Met her in a well known place in Colpity and she arrived a little later than the promised time which is generally fine by me. Very pleasant girl and age advertised here should be right. Darker than what photos suggest and I’m surprised why other reviewers didn’t pick it up . Probably her pleasant attitude and generally good service may have outweighed the negative factors .
    Anyway, she was clean as a whistle and after a wash, she was down to business . Light kissing on lips and then hurry to BJ in bed. I can’t really call it GFE as I’ve had proper GFE elsewhere . She’s sensitive to body kisses and pussy licks and she knows how to fake her moans too. She was in a bit of a hurry to get to CG position to get the real deed done and there wasn’t really any intimate GFE as I expected by reading other reviews. After CG we were in mish and I climaxed. But we had ample time for a second round too but she didn’t show any intention of staying on as I noticed she wished to have a wash . I believe we had at least 30 mins left but as she was a generally polite and nice lady I didn’t want to make a fuss too.
    Overall, she has a an air of pretension anyways throughout the meet. No doubt she likes what she’s doing but do not have very high hopes when you see her .

    i know who your...and i know what you want to do..You forgot to mention here ,that day you too much drunk and came to get my service,tortured me like an animal and an inhuman.People who have received services from me know what kind of person I am. No matter what you post here, it does not matter😂😀always i do fair to the money they pay me.If I cheat like that I will not get so many good reviews like this..I do not provide excellent service to anyone who harasses me unnecessarily.Not only me but every woman in this feeld is like that only..As long as you act like an important man, other people will serve you superiorly.Because women who sell for money are also human beings. If they had money they would never join this feeld.

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