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  • Verified photosMysticflower Manila's escort - escort in Manila
    Rating: 5 / 5

    A warning to all who are uninitiated in the world of raw, unbridled pleasure. This woman will take you places and do things you'd never thought possible. She'd dominate one minute then submit to your every whim the next . Shell be the casual acquaintance first, then the intimate lover, and finally a starved nymphomaniac , that is of course, if you push all the right buttons , as in the immortal words of the late great Rick James " "She's a superfreak! Superfreak!"

    Don't believe me? Then I suggest you try her out to see what I'm talking about but again a friendly reminder : she is not for the faint of heart figuratively and literally speaking.

    Thanks mysti.

    Ola Amigo, thank you and to your lovely wife for the wonderful time,,
    kindly send my regards to her and tell her how much I miss her . See you soon... Mwuah...

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