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  • Verified photosTania - escort in Colombo
    3 Mar 2022

    Can I get a 3some with you and your bisexual friend
    Do you lesbian in 3some sessions

    Hi yes we can have a 3 sum!! That would be awesome. Yes I do lesbian also I am also bisexual. 😘 Call and speak to my assistant or message on WhatsApp

  • Verified photosMashi - escort in Colombo
    7 Jul 2021

    Hi dear are you available this Sunday 11th july

    sorry, I was away. contact again now working

  • Verified photosHiruni & januu - escort in Colombo
    8 Mar 2021

    Hi girls
    Are you available these days for threesome session
    And you do lesbian sex also with each other

    Yes you can get the service..make a phone call and reserve the date and time..the service is provided to two persons per day

  • Verified photosHiruni & januu - escort in Colombo
    3 Mar 2021

    Hi girls
    are you available for threesome session these days

    Yes sir

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