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  • Verified photosHARDEST COCK-BIGGEST CUM, HOTTEST ANDREA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have been keeping my eye on Andrea for a while now and every time I look at her massage republic page... the more I want to meet her and so I took the plunge just before the year ends. and boy I’m very happy I did.

    When I initially reached out to Andrea, she replied immediately and the meet was set up with no hassle at all... I was a few mins early so had to wait - but was totally worth it when she opened the door!

    With having been with TS’s before, I knew exactly what to expect but I was totally blown away when she opened the door as she is strikingly beautiful. Once in she made me feel at ease with some small talk and just to check I knew what I was embarking on.... I was like a kid at Xmas just nodding enthusiastically!

    She was wearing a new blue and black lingerie set which enhanced her amazing body and sexy bum

    After paperwork was sorted, we moved onto the bed engaging in some deep session which had me hard instantly.... moving my hand towards her cock, it became apparent she was horny just like me as her cock was rock hard. With both  of us now naked, more deep kiss was had followed by some mutual bj which was nice. After about 10 minutes of oral, I took the lead and got on top where more fuck and grinding was had. I couldn’t wait any longer and asked if we could have sex. Andrea promptly put a condom on me and back into missionary, she guided me inside - as soon as I thrust inside both of us moaned as felt amazing. After about 5 mins of intense missionary, I was ready to cum as was so turned on and duly came inside her. Yes I wanted doggy and on top, but it felt amazing where I was and when I came, Andrea came also making it more of a turn on.

    We lay for a bit, kissed and cuddled which was a lovely touch and then off I went to shower and be on my Merry way with a massive smile on my face

    Guys, if you want to experience a TS who looks convincing and is such a lovely person to speak with, I recommend Andrea 100%

    I’m currently arranging a 2nd meet and she has just sent me some pics of her now even more enhanced looks - WOW... I won’t ruin the surprise but boy they look amazing

    I paid **** for 30 mins and will definitely be wanting to spend more time next time

    Thank you so much babe for honest input. Would be my pleasure to see you again! Intense and more actions! ❤️