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  • Verified photosPoli22y, Sexy a Level, Blonde - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Petite girl with perky tits, Communication is tough though. Services were good, she is sweet I must say. A nice pretty face to look at too. But yes if the conversation wasn’t an issue I would probably go with all stars since she is sweet.

    Thank honey only she is not so good English, I’m always honest with my customers And tell them if the English is low or conversational thank you for the review

  • Verified photosAugust 24th - escort in Montpellier
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Another enchanting meet with this one, that body is hard to stay away from when next to her, she is my type with the curves and the love handles as I call them. Naughty and very playful when she gets comfortable and out comes her other side. The moans and the screaming is such a turn on. That beautiful face begs to come all over it and it’s a sight to behold. Taking her from behind is another level, just a great gal and as I have said before she is for the vips because this darling loves a good time. C u again soon

  • Verified photosSonya - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Meeting up with Sonya again just makes things that much better. She really does have that amazing captivating energy and a very positive vibe all around her. It is like truly meeting a Girlfriend, the chats are extremely fun and natural. She completely wraps you in her world for the hours or days spent with her. Just a beautiful soul. Services as usual are always beyond my wildest imagination, the perfect artistic body can send chills, she can be wild just when there is a need and soft when needed, the best combination of both worlds. Really one of a kind, have never experienced something like this, it’s magic. Thank you beautiful Sonya for another beautiful evening to be remembered.

  • Verified photosLiza - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Tall, naughty and the perkiest boobs you will ever find. The short hair is an extreme turn on too. She was dressed in a sultry lingerie and didn’t give me much chance to talk since the perky boobies were screaming my name. Got her out of it and enjoyed the nakedness. She is a fun filled package and delivers well. Great company.

  • Verified photosHelene, Desire & Intense Pleasure - masseuse in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Was in dire need of the French milf again as usual she amazes me with her role play skills and tricks. She is naughty in every aspect and doesn’t say no to much once at it. Have been meeting her a few times now so we do have a nice back and forth usually and it’s extremely comfortable being in her world now, I do think she is worth every penny spent and love the genuine connection she builds. Always an amazing time with her.