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  • Verified photosKanishak ‍‍‍‍‍ - masseur in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Over the years, I've made regular use of the services of young men available through Massage Republic and other platforms. But Kanishak is an exceptional one who got my attention the most. I met him at the beginning of February this year and the experience was of such a high standard that I felt like sharing my feelings over here.
    I made the arrangements to meet him at a five-star hotel in Noida. He was very straightforward and there was no quibbling about the fee to be charged as per the services requested.
    Kanishak turned up punctually and was revealed to be very much more handsome than his profile have led me to believe. In addition to that he was exceptionally polite and decorous as well as evidently relishing the experience. Indeed, I've rarely encountered a young man who was quite as stimulated by the attentions of an older admirer: he remained rock hard throughout the 90 minutes. Kanishak is an excellent kisser, lingering long and sensuously and using his fine lips most expertly. His well-toned body was a cherry on the cake. He demonstrated a remarkably experienced and assured touch. The easy penetration was accompanied by a substantial amount of vocalization which is always a turn on. The conclusion when it came was well worth the effort. Kanishak was not in a rush to depart with his justly gotten gains but remained awhile, kissing cuddling and caressing. I would heartily recommend this young man to anyone into slow and passionate sex.

    You were unique and demanding in your own ways kept me on my toes but, I am glad you felt satisfied. I learned a lot from you. Arigatou Gozaimasu ♥

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