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  • Verified photosSarah, discreet British lady - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Couldn't make it the first two times, for genuine reasons, so cancelled in advance.
    The third time, set up a time since there was onev review and agreed if I was a no show, she can ignore me.
    Drove all the way to her place for 45 mins thru thick traffic, got there 20 mins late all the while messaging saying I'd be late , not wanting her to give up and finally was just not ready to meet me.
    Sick attitude, who just wanted to get back for the first two times. Sad but such people exist out there. Total time waster. Don't bother with this profile. Wouldn't be surprised if its one of them black profiles ou there. Give it a miss guys..there's a lot of better women out there.

    My lovely little man... unfortunately you have been booking me for numerous times and then cancelling at the last minute. Time and time again. I even told you on the phone this time around that if you cancelled again I would refuse anymore bookings from you. I gave you the correct address many times but still you failed to arrive at the right one all because once again this was a time waster job! You even expected me to wait in for your fake booking for which you never called to let me know you where going to be late. Most of my beautiful clients always ring me if they are delayed, they do not expect me to wait in for them, especially if I have another client due. You've left this message because I finally won't accept anymore bookings from you because you simply are a time waster and I hope that anyone of your potential ladies read this because they will also refuse bookings with you.

    To my future clients, yes cancellations happen, maybe once or twice but not like this little man. I can accept cancellations. Things happen. I don't send men to the wrong address ever, I also have many returning clients who are very happy with my service. I am a no bs woman and you get what you see, these pictures are mine and this is not a fake black profile. To prove this all you have to do is call me and you will hear for yourself. Also see the review below.. As for this man saying give it a miss... much better out there... he never met me so how can he state such things.

    UPDATE.... please check out this guys previous reviews with other ladies. Looks like it speaks for itself!

  • Verified photosSexy & Sophisticated Gfe Few Days - escort in Singapore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    After 2 misses, finally met this beautiful woman yesterday evening.
    She provides -HANDS DOWN- the best gfe experience ever.
    looks 10/10
    blow job 20/10
    Guys, please treat her well. Good things definitely come in small packages.
    And this petit woman is an Angel here.
    your Nigerian friend- not.

    Thank you honey !!! I am so glad that you had a good time after all mess around our date, thank you for share it 😄 big kiss, hope to see you again though, big kiss Nigerian 😉

  • Verified photosSexy Mimi - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Body - to die for.
    service- exceptional
    Got to meet her by chance after being played by another.
    i thank my luck, this woman is amazing.
    please take care of her guys, shes too sweet.

    Hello malkat, it was good to see you and thanks for your nice review, much appreciated. We had fun, good to see you again soon, you were pretty amazing yourself.

  • Verified photosSara - escort in Riyadh
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Real porn star experience. More beautiful in person. watch out for her out -of -this- world blow job.
    body- 10/10
    blow job- 10/10
    experience- porn star
    thanks babe, for the exquisite evening....

    lot of thanks and lot of kisses for you

  • Leah - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Bait n Switch

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