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  • Verified photosHARDEST COCK-BIGGEST CUM, HOTTEST ANDREA - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I was very early for travel from AD so decided to have a look about to see what was nearby. This girl fitted the bill so arranged an hour , she was 15 minutes around the corner and booking was done.

    My experience was very similar to that of shemale escort from brazil. Took opportunity to have a shower on arrival and then into studio type of room with comfy double bed.
    Andrea approached wearing the black underwear and black citro lingerie in her photos and there was some kissing, not deep but nice enough. Then quickly the inevitable wandering hands.
    She felt semi hard and was growing. She then indicated to get on the bed and stripped out of her clothing before presenting her nipples for licking. I reached down to stroke her and soon she pushed my head down and encouraged me to suck her slowly.
    There was a couple of minutes of this with her pushing deep throat sometimes before she returned the favour. She has big lips which lend them selves to this.
    After a while it was back to me sucking her and then she asked me to turn over and she rubbered up and was forcing herself into my arse. It was a good size and a bit painful but was solid and found its way in. I am not gonna lie when she was pumping normally it was filling and a great feeling but inbetween there were hard deep thrusts which were painful but I was really into it at this point.
    She pulled out for more face fucking and then back on with another rubber and got me to straddle her and ride her before flipping me over again for some pegging type of penetration, again it hard several really deep bangs.
    After a while she got excited and then whipped her cock out and wanked herself off onto my face.
    There was plenty of cum and she loved pushing it into my mouth to have me clean it up. It tasted very sweet, no nasty tang or flavour and then she kissed for a bit before going down on me again with hard tweaks of my nipples and some wanking. It wasn't bad but I wasn't going to cum any time soon so I had to make my apologies and after another shower to freshen up I headed off.

    All in all I would say it was everything you would expect. Her pictures are an exact likeness, her body is firm and her cock is a decent size and hard as rock. She was more towards the dominant side but not excessively so.

    I would repeat the experience the next time I am passing through without hesitiation.

    Thank you so much love for the honest review. I am looking forward meeting you very soon. ❤️💋