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  • Verified photosVIP Malak Egyptian يوم واحد فقط - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 1 / 5

    This lady told me to meet her at one location, and when I get there, she stopped talking to me no more answer and no room number. I would be very careful and hesitant.

    First of all I apologize for any mistake may be happen but for your information if you check my page well I can swear that no any Arab escort has all of these good review like me
    Plus .any major point my name is brand and to meet me you must book before at least two hours before appointment so that's why make me confuse from your story because me never meet without booking and I respect my appointment with any one and I never bring two customers at the same time or ignore any one for any reason any way I think better if you text me not to make this review for unknown person for me 💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔😇💔💔

  • Verified photos*****Fresh Baby ♡Eva♡ - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Eva, and she was an amazing experience. Her oral skills are unique and she does great deepthroat, and she does this trick with her tongue that feels amazing. Her pictures are accurate, and in bed, this lady is full of fire and desire, her moaning made my penis very very very happy and very hard. Eva loves french kissing, and I highly recommend this lady, I hope she comes back many times again like she made me come.

  • Verified photosEimi Spanish PORNOSTAR All Services - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This lady is amazing and looks better in person than in the pictures. She made all my deepest fantasies come true and oh it was soo amazing. I highly recommend her and I hope she stays in Bahrain for a very long long time. My penis left the building extremely happy! Thank you Michell for your great service.

  • Verified photos***** Naughty♡ Anni - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Anni and a very nice location. She is just like the pictures, with amazing beauty, green eyes, and an amazing ass. She is very good at kissing and her breasts aureolas are incredible and pink which made my penis very very hard and very very happy. In bed, Anni is full of surprises and energy! I highly recommend this lady and will visit her again soon.

  • Verified photos***** LAST DAY SEXY VIKTORIA - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Viktoria for second time. Her face is angelical, watching her walk toward the bedroom is pure pleasure, she moves so sexily. My fully erect penis was very happy when he met her amazing mouth again. Her nipples are out of this world, they point towards me and I get very excited kissing them. In bed this woman is pure fire and she makes amazing noises of pleasure when my penis is inside of her. She is very very tight! All of my manly juices were released inside of her and me and my penis went home very very happy.

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