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  • Verified photosOlive Therapy - masseuse in Beirut
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Olive is the champion of relaxation massage.
    Miss you sooooo much and hope seeing you soon.
    Strongly recommend her therapy

  • Verified photosRihanna kattan - Transsexual escort in Beirut
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Rihana last week in Jounieh, after much hesitation as it was my first time meeting a dominant shemale like her. She was clear in giving directions to her discreet apartment. When I reached her apartment and knocked, she opened the door and there she was, an absolute goddess. She was smoking hot, dressed in sexy gold overall and heels. I was stunned by her beauty.
    Myself being a short height I already felt submissive in front of her, she's 180 cm tall.
    I started to walk, but she waved her finger and said no no, and pointed to the floor then she said crawl to me, it was crazy, I felt this wave of submission hit me and I instantly got down on my knees and crawled over to Rihanna.

    She commanded in her stern voice to behave and do whatever she asked to. She then undressed me and ordered me to go wait next to the sofa. She went to her room and returned swiftly and asked me how bad did I want her cock and made me beg for it. All the while she was playing with herself and I noticed the bulge getting bigger and bigger, then she released her beast it literally popped free from her bodysuit, her cock was massive, my mouth was watering at the thought of sucking it, I went to grab it but again she waved her fingers and told me to put my hands behind my back and keep them there.
    She than placed her tool in front of me and slapped my face with it. After that she made me suck on it. With that she started to force-feed her cock into my mouth, I thought shit, it's huge as I struggled to get it in my mouth, at one point I remember I tried to pull away but Rihanna grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down deeper and deeper onto her cock. My mouth was stretched and I could feel her cock sliding down my throat, I tried to gag and pull away but Rihanna kept hold of my head and gently whispered relax you know you want it bitch so give it up, my head was spinning and my dick was as hard as a rock. I was in a state of fear but pleasure at the same time.
    Realizing she was in complete control I fully submitted, she kept up the dirty talk telling me how I was her cock slave and my mouth was like my slutty sister pussy and she liked to fuck it. I felt she was having real pleasure, and she did not let go of me until she had deep throated me and fed me with her thick tasty cum .
    Then Rihanna told me to stand up, turn away from her and wait, she went off and when she came back she took my hands and placed them behind my back then led me onto her bed. She pushed me on the bed and determinedly proceeded Β to sit on my face forcing me to eat her ass. I must say, it was my first experience eating ass and I was much aroused eating her pinkish starfish asshole while watching her cock grow and become hard again. She was moaning and horny again, her big cock was rock hard.

    She played with my cock and pinched my nipples as I continued eating her ass. Then she got my knees in the air, lubed my ass and pounded me hard with her huge cock! It was painful for me and boy I liked the feeling. She can really fuck well!! Very well indeed and she has incredible energy too. She fucked me hard for a long time, and it was absolutely amazing. Rihanna just kept going and going, until I was getting close to cumming. So Rihanna stopped and proceeded to sit on my face and face fuck me, ordering me to stroke my cock. She wanted us to cum together. When I was close to cumming Rihanna took control again, and wanked her big hard cock over my face, cumming huge amounts into my eager mouth and face as I exploded all over my belly!

    The session ended with me having a quick shower then a nice chat with Rihanna. She is really fun to talk to. Then I decided to leave, at no point was I rushed by Rihanna and I will definitely be going back for more. She his really amazing, would say the best.

    Absolutely amazing review πŸ‘‘

  • Verified photosOlive Therapy - masseuse in Beirut
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Best massge therapist ever. Olive really knows how to relieve you from stress. Strongly recommend her. Thank you Olive. See you soon 😘