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  • Verified photosLeah Independent - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Filipino girls are out of this world when it comes to making you feel comfortable and giving pleasure, they have really soft and milky bodies and Leah was no different. A fantastic experience and couldn’t have asked for more, she genuinely loves and craves sex, those moans did not feel fake at all. The ways she keep saying “give me more, give me more” turns the session really hot. Very nice experience, very affordable. Oh and that red dress on her looks awesome.

    Hi..sorry for late reply..
    Thank you for the review!And thank you for appreciating my service.I wish u well and take care always!Godbless

  • Verified photosRIA@JLT must read for men&women - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    My first meeting took place in the beginning of September, to be doubly sure she is independent, i persisted on speaking on a call first, over the phone call i was completely sold to the idea as she spoke very eloquently and all doubts were cleared. I took care of the schedule and agreed to meet at 6 pm at dusk as i opted for the balcony sex “package.”
    I had a choice of beers to choose from, we had a few beers and once we got comfortable, we proceeded to do the deed, the heat wasn’t unbearable but it was a wee bit hot but again, one can do anything for pleasure. I felt safe, surroundings were comfortable too and i had a very good time, she is true to her self and doesn’t fake, i had loads of fun and can vouch for her genuineness. She is gold.