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    I met Mistress Rihanna last month one evening after much hesitation as it was my first time meeting a dominant Tgirl. She was fairly clear in giving directions to her easy to reach discreet apartment. I reached a bit early so had to spend sometime in the nearby supermarket picking her favorite cigarette packs. When I reached her apartment and knocked, she opened the door and there she was, an absolute goddess in her signature red sexy dress! I was stunned at her beauty as she authoritatively pulled me in, thereby setting the theme of the evening and asserting her dominance over me. She guided me in her inner sanctum that is her proverbial red room and after offering me a glass of wine, pushed me on her lavish and sensually satin draped bed. Commanding in her stern voice to behave and say "Yes Mistress" everytime she tells me to do anything, she undressed me and left me briefly lying there spread eagled and stark naked in her bed. She returned swiftly within a minute and climbed over me and before I could see what was it all about, my hands were over my head and my wrists were in handcuffs which she locked quickly ordering me to stay there. Thereafter her sensual game began and continued for an hour during which she aroused me by her sensual dance, her whips striking my body, her hands doing magic on my cock and a special toy getting ready to deflower my virgin ass. After proper lubes, she determinedly proceeded to take my virginity with her white dildo while sitting on my face forcing me to eat her ass. I must say, it was my first experience eating ass and I was much aroused eating her chocolate browny starfish while watching her cock grow and become hard. She gave a heavenly blowjob while fucking my ass with her dildo as I continued eating her ass. She magically stopped as I felt like exploding and controlled my orgasm somehow which I still wonder. Then she offered her beautiful hard cock to me and made me her bitch forcing it deep down my throat as I enjoyed my first deep throat ever. She came in my throat deep and forced me to swallow her sweet juices which I gladly did as she continued on my cock and ass till I exploded in a massive orgasm begging to stop and moaning her name. Aftercare was wonderful by her as she guided me to her well stocked shower where we cleaned ourselves. Remarkable show of hospitality: She forbade me to get dressed myself as she proceeded to dress me up and handed over my belongings and kissed me goodnight and goodbye. A truly wonderful and remarkable experience, highly recommended.

    Pro Tip : It's improper to visit such a gorgeous Lady empty handed. I carried her favourite bottle of Rosy as a gift to her.

    As you did i also enjoyed our evening together it was very fun to dominate you and watch you explode for me i enjoyed it, thankyou and see you again soon 😉