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  • Verified photosBBW shaki - escort in Gurgaon
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    I met her again yesterday, She gave me the best shower sex so far in all the escorts I have encountered, Danyavadi, see u soon, by the way don't forget tonight I want a camshow

    Thanks darling ❤️ l really liked your company l can't wait to see you again darling ❤️

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    Meet her again today evening... I had the best shower sex ever

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  • Verified photosGenevieve - escort in Pune
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    I miss you dear, we had alot of fun with you the last time we met, I miss the Lapdance , the blowjob was sloppy

    Thanks dear ... hope to see u again

  • Verified photosGenevieve - escort in Pune
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    Let me make the story short, I enjoyed every moment with her from yesterday night until today morning... hope to see u again
    For the first time we tried dry humping

    Lol... dry humping is so crazy

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    Met her again yesterday
    She is the best girl on MR..I met her yesterday night she is very hot her blowjob skills are really amazing.she is damn beautiful and has a sexy figure her apartment is very clean and safe I really enjoyed her company .looking forward to meet her again .see you soon babe you are soo sweet..

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