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    It is sad that MR rejected my previous review. So writing it again. Hope this gets published.
    I had met Jenny 4 days back and it was the best day of my life. This is the first time that I'm visiting someone and I'm so glad that I met this beautiful human. Her profile immediately caught my attention and decided to text her. She sweetly clarified everything and we fixed up the meeting. Her location is very safe.. house is very neatly maintained. I was very nervous as it was my first time.
    As soon as she opened the door, she hugged me and made me calm. She is exactly like in the pics. Actually even more hotter than in the pics! She guided me to her room and made me sit on her bed. She stood in front of me and hugged me with her soft boobs touching my face. I got turned on so much. I kissed it, gently squeezed it. Then she gently started kissing my face starting from my forehead. I was waiting for her lips to meet my lips and finally it did. This was the first kiss in my life and she made it very memorable. Thank you so much baby! She kissed me for a very long time. My lips were inside her mouth for a long time and vice versa. Others here have mentioned about her kissing skills and I got to experience that personally. And then she undressed me and started with the deed. I guess I'll keep that info between us and not reveal everything here.
    I created this account just to leave a review for her. She's extremely hot, very honest, trustworthy and has a heart of gold. I don't think I'll be meeting anyone else after her. I'll keep coming back to her. I love you for what you are baby. See you soon 😘

    Thanks love ❤️ such a good soul😘😍

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