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I am here for safe fun. Interested in meeting genuine and independent ladies to spend good time and not just for s**. I look for honesty, safety and privacy in appointments.

I never give fake reviews. Most escorts, I reviewed have agreed. Someone can give 1 or 2 fake reviews. But my 19 reviews were published. And few reviews were later taken down due to duplicate records. Nobody can delete a published review except MR admin.

Priyanka Chawla - you were ok about my review but disliked I told your age. And you call me fake but accept fake review by user Erfan_1 which is good for you. See his fake review abusing other girl. Did you really met this guy? Guess, you collect fake 5 star reviews. Shame on you.

Lets help to keep MR community safe and aware. I may change display name but not the character within. Thanks for reading!

I like:

GFE and Massage

Latest reviews by Naman_Rathod

  • Verified photosIsha - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This beautiful girl from Bangalore is amazing at CAM service. I took 20 minutes paid video calling. It was mindblowing and worth the amount. She is really like a model. Perfect body and geniune service..Thank you.

    Thank you for a lovely review ❤️😘 hope to catch up soon again have a great time until then, take care 😘😘

  • Verified photosIsha - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This beautiful girl from Bangalore is amazing at CAM service. I took 20 minutes paid video calling. It was very nice and worth the amount. She is really like a model. Perfect body and geniune service..Thank you.

    Really appreciate it for spending your valuable time to write a such a lovely 😍 review. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this five hearts is a review to you love and it was really nice time spending with you to, hope to see you soon again you take care and have a lovely time until then 🥰😘

  • Verified photos(INDEPENDENT KOMAL CAM AND REAL FOR YOU) - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Its either an agent or girls operate as a group. The girl I met at hotel near Airport was totally different. She confessed that as Komal is busy, she came. She was from Delhi and new in business. Service was poor. You may please contact ans check. Thanks.

    For your kind information dear already I told you that day I was not free then you say send any girl then I send my friend and I m not agent my all clints know me my service is too good.

  • Verified photosSoniya Cam show only - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    I took short CAM session. Found her simple and honest. The service was immediate after payement. The service was good. Thanks.

    Thank you so much dear for your genuine review love you ❤️😙 see you soon tc.

  • Verified photosPriyanka Chawla - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    First thanks for taking review in right spirit. Not everyone does that. I am impressed (again). Second sorry if I sounded rude. I am straight and blunt but not rude.
    Age 30, yes, I can prove. Btw, since 2019 its 25 on MR and other sites. You might want to update?
    With loose assets I mean br****s. Sorry but true. Else, nice figure and yes, well toned body for this age.
    To know who I am, we had met more than once and I am the one who prefers SOBO over Andheri. Thanks again and as you say - Love and Light!

    I want to clarify on age point.
    If u r chasing me from 2019, i was on and off on this portal.
    As in, some months, i was active and other months, i was not.
    I created this profile in altogether random way. Infact, back in 2019, this portal was not as popular as it's today.

    When I registered on this portal back in 2019, only 5 profiles were here. Now , Here are more than 250 listings .
    Moreover, in 2020 COVID year, i was completely inactive for a complete 1 year .
    Infact, in 2021, COVID second wave, i was not active too . Third wave also, i was out.
    Coming back to the age point. 25 is an average age which any girl from 21 to 30 puts randomly.
    Those guys whom I ask there age, do they really tell there exact age? I doubt.

    If you yourself met me, do i really look 30? If yes, u r one of the rarest of the rare who saw that way.
    I always get comments of whether I'm under age or not.

    If u r going back in 2019 technically and counting years, i created this profile randomly, and mentioned everything in an extremely random way and age also i mentioned with an average as no one puts there exact details on these kind of public portals.

    This portal is still a time pass to me and i will never put anything in exact figures here. Moreover, i may delete everything too if i feel like removing. Its all upto me .
    You are checking out me from 2019. Cool man. I'm feeling like m a celebrity here. 😅

    Anyways, i just wanted to clarify. Don't take this reply in a bad way.
    But m still confused about who you are? Can you please DM me on my what's app?
    I hope u got the answer for your technical counts of age .
    Thanks for asking.
    I'm genuinely impressed the way you notice people.
    All the best.

Latest questions by Naman_Rathod

  • Verified photosPriyanka Chawla - escort in Mumbai
    31 Jul 2022

    Hi, last exchange of reviews was not pleasant experience. So sorry. But I am glad that last 2 reviews were deleted. I am unable to reach you on WhatsApp. Can we meet tonight? Can I email? Thx dear.

    Naman rathod, u have changed ur user name from Naman to genuine reviewer.
    But actually , you are a fake psychopath who Chase girls like a mad dog.
    Stop telling all girls here that you are unable to reach because you are blocked from all the girls here. You think that u are a keen observer, but , actually, u are a piece of shit.

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