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  • Verified photos🇹🇭Eva🇹🇭 - escort in Hyderabad
    Rating: 5 / 5

    1st of all sorry for the late review. I met Eva on 16th of May. I was mesmerized by seeing her. Initially we didn't got the room in the hotel I booked then she adviced another hotel and we went there. The hotel was good for 2-3 hours session. When we entered the the room she gave me a tight hug and long smooch. Then we encountered our 1st session. It's was really awesome. Her blowjob was out of the world. It felt like she was my gf and was here to just satisfy me at any cost. Then she started massaging me. She had magic in her hands. I never felt more relaxed before that. She used all her skills during massage and then we completed our 2nd session. I was really satisfied after that.
    *Looks - 10/10
    *Conversation - 8/10
    *Chemistry - 10/10
    *Massage - 10/10
    *Blowjob - infinite/10
    *Sex - 10/10
    We'll definitely meet her next time. Love you babe❤❤❤

    Omg, thanks alot dear 🙏

  • Verified photosElitè Diana Cam session - escort in Chennai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met divya on 12 Oct, Saturday for full night. She is a bomb. Her beauty was mesmerizing. She is so cute and innocent that we talked for around 3 hrs before our 1st session. She is sweet, hot, sexy funny and have a good humour untill you piss her off. I got mentally and emotionally satisfied with her even before we kissed. She got awesome BJ skill which made me so relaxed. The 1st session was like complete GF experience. We didn't struggle or thought of any position, everything came out so naturally with her as if like I was with my real gf. It was worth spending my money and time with her. I am definitely going to meet you again baby ASAP. Take care 😘😘😘

    Thank you so much baby ❤️😘

  • Verified photosQueen rani Real Meet & Camshow - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her on 18th Mar. It was Amazing guys... Didn't ever felt we meet 1st time. She behaved as if we knew each other long time ago. I'll go skill and look wise.
    Look - U'll love her in 1st meet
    Behaviour - Much more comfortable and friendly than your gf
    Attitude - Mindblowing
    now lets talk about her skills.
    During 1st session she surprised me with her BJ skill and the deepthroat will surely take you to heaven. She allowed me to lick her pussy the way I want. Sex was really awesome. Tried every best possible positions and she didnt even mind.
    We had 1-1 beer talked atleast for 1 hour. No rush to go home.
    During 2nd seesion she again surprised me with 69 possition with women on top and me on top along with side ways. Then she again blowed me up till the time I needed.
    Sex was literally MASHALLAH... no words... Even though she was in pain as she forget to bring oil or other lubricants but still she never asked me to stop.
    I will definetly meet you Rani baby next time and this time for full night as you mentioned. Loved you babe... Ur the best.

    Sure baby 👍❤❤❤❤🤩🤩🤩

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