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  • Verified photosUr Naughty ASIIIAAAN Swetheart Andrea - escort in Muscat
    Rating: 5 / 5

    My dear sweet Andrea. Where do I start! I have missed you since we last met. The moment I met her in the hotel room, I felt such a warmth. I felt so comfortable. That hug.. I felt like we knew each other for ages. At first I thought Andrea would be a slow sensual person. But man.. she took control of me.. She had so much energy! She knew what to do to get me high. I dint have to say a word about what I need. And even at the end of our session, when I was a about to leave, she hugged me and kissed me.. such a sensual kiss.. god .. Andrea any man would be lucky to have you.. and I really miss being with you.. That one hour with you was the benchmark that none of the foreign escorts I have met since - could beat... And so I wait for the next beautiful encounter with this godess. - ❀️

    I'm glad to have given you a great time babe and I cherish and appreciate you and I hope to see you again. kisses for you πŸ˜„

  • Verified photosGarima is back (REAL, BDSM,CAM) - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Had a very nice time with her! One of the few who offers rimming. She is a sweet person.

    Thank you dear and u r also very sweet. See u soon . πŸ₯°

  • Verified photosVIP SERVICEθ‰―γ„γ‚΅γƒΌγƒ“γ‚ΉπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ - escort in Δ°stanbul
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Apologies for the late review.. Met her in Mumbai. Had a really great time πŸ˜„ very sweet person. And the massage was amazing!

    Thank you so mush😍

  • Gwen from Brazil - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Guys the pics are wrong.. all reviews posted here are wrong.. i met the girl and she is slim.. not at all worth 10k.. and here she claims to be a Brazilian well no she is not! She is from Africa.. if you ask for pics, she will say go check the website.. but it has wrong pics! So next time ask for pics before you proceed. Again- not worth 10k

    One man's meet is another man's poison... It's fine u can put a negative review it's not a must that everyone will like me the good thing others appreciated.. am sorry if u had a bad experience or if u didn't like me it's fine... And lastly if u happen to meet any girl if u don't like the girl kindly move away don't take service it's not by force...
    Anyway some will give nice reviews some will give bad reviews.. my duty is to offer nice services anyway thanks for the review...
    I guess u are the only one who has complained the rest didn't complain except one who delayed to meet me.... Thanks for coming if u came. I will always appreciate a client whether he came good review or bad one.. thanks for coming by... Thanks take care

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